Sanya Richards-Ross' show a winner

Thursday night marked the premiere of "Sanya's Glam & Gold," a new WE tv reality show following four-time Olympic gold medal sprinter Sanya Richards-Ross and her husband, New York Giants cornerback Aaron Ross.

"I don't wanna only be known as Sanya the track star," Richards-Ross says in the opening minutes of the premiere. "I wanna be a fashionista, business owner -- you name it, I wanna do it."

Except maybe be a mother. While the power couple shop for their upcoming trip to Jamaica, we learn that Ross is ready to start a family but Richards-Ross wants to capitalize on her Olympic success, train for the next Games and expand her business before settling down.

The business is a salon she co-owns with her sister, Shari. Shari is one of several family members who make up Team SRR, Richards-Ross' support system. In the first episode we also meet her father and manager, Archie; mother and agent, Sharon; and her cousin Yolanda, who doubles as her publicist and stylist.

It's clear from the very first episode that Shari won't fall in line as easily as the rest of Team SRR. She wants autonomy from her sister but has to face the cold, hard truth that Richards-Ross is the one who funded the salon. Tension between the sisters will likely be a focal point of the show.

There will be plenty of lighthearted fun, too. Viewers will like watching the chemistry and competitiveness between Richards-Ross and her husband, who have been together since their freshman year in college. They're also sure to fall in love with Archie, who doles out fatherly advice with a thick Jamaican accent and a sparkling smile.

The show isn't likely to feature the cattiness and drama that has made the "Real Housewives" franchises so successful, but watching an empowered, successful woman work her way through life and stand as an equal with her husband beats watching "ladies who lunch" any day.