Gilbert Arenas a Twitter disaster

After taking a year away from Twitter following his gun-related suspension, Gilbert Arenas opened a new account (@agentzeroshow) just over a week ago, and already has managed to draw the ire of the league. The NBA confirmed on Thursday that the controversial Orlando guard had been fined for an inappropriate tweet, but would not reveal the amount of the fine or the specific post that landed Arenas in hot water.

Arenas originally tweeted about the fine on Tuesday. A quick scan of his timeline reveals a lot of ill-advised jokes, but nothing that screams "Fine me!" There are no criticisms of referees or league execs, no attacks on Magic employees, teammates or facilities. He didn't make jokes at the expense of countries, or people affected by disaster, nor did he post the kind of "Weiner" photos that have gotten pundits' boxers in a bunch.

It's possible the league didn't like the collection of his tweets on June 5 that made fun of kids in Special Ed, or a handful of posts explaining how he stole shoes from a Marshall's [store], putting on a new pair, then leaving his old pair (autographed) and a $20 bill so he wouldn't have to wait in the checkout line.

While I don't approve of his tasteless humor or his "bigger than the law" approach to shopping, those tweets don't seem to be worthy of a fine. If anything, Arenas should be punished for being a misogynist. The single most common topic on his Twitter account is women -- and his comments are never kind.

The very first day Arenas returned to Twitter, he went on an extended rant about how ugly the dancers were at a Miami strip club he attended, then the next day he assured the women of Twitter he would learn how to direct message and start "direct sexting" them. A few days later, he added these gems:

"good mornin twitter fam..i need me a slave to make me breakfast in the mornings..i guess yall might call them girlfriends...im hungry"

"#youknowyouugly if ur a SINGLE MOTHER...lmaoooooooo sorry but thats funny"

"Confession 2..I'm the only athlete that's never cheated on his girl....but I did practice a lot..to be good at anything u need practice … So my girl was the GAME and I had practice girls...cmon ppl we all know practice makes perfect..I had to practice befor I went into the GAME … So fellas next time ur girl ask u if ur cheating say NO proudly but then say I practice a lot for u baby..tryin to be the best hahaha"

In a little more than a week, Arenas has compared the grouper he was catching on a fishing trip to groupies, discussed lying to women about being monogamous, and admitted to urinating in his ex-girlfriend's sink when he was too lazy to make it to the toilet. On Wednesday night, he even live-tweeted while on a blind date, without the woman's knowledge, rudely commenting on her clothes, her appetite, her attitude, and whether or not she "gave it up" on the first night.

We may never find out which of Arenas' tasteless posts earned him a slap on the wrist from the league, but considering the way he's continuing to tweet, it seems almost inevitable he will receive more fines in the future. The good news for Agent Zero? He won't be spending nearly as much money on nice dinners out, as no woman in her right mind would date him now -- "grouper" or otherwise.