NBA All-Star Celebrity Game Grades: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Standing at 5 feet 4, Kevin Hart struggled to guard the 6-8 Tracy McGrady in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. Cole Burston for ESPN

The NBA's best and brightest have invaded Toronto for the league's All-Star festivities. And while we're sure to see a dazzling display of athleticism all weekend long, the same probably can't be said for Friday night's Celebrity Game. The talent wasn't quite the same level as the rest of the weekend's events, but it was definitely just as fun and perhaps even more entertaining.

Coached by a John Calipari-channeling Drake, Toronto's favorite native son, Canada's best -- or at least available -- celebs earned a 74-63 victory over the U-S-of-A's celebrity crew. So, who shined? Who brought the laughs? And who should have probably stuck to cheering from the bench? Here's our TOTALLY SCIENTIFIC grades of every player who participated.


Anthony Anderson: C

The "Blackish" star is an annual staple in the Celebrity Game, but 2016 wasn't exactly his best showing. With only one point and two fouls, Anderson struggled individually but did seem to encourage his teammates throughout the game.

Marc Lasry: B

The Milwaukee Bucks owner was the oldest player in the game but still managed to drop eight points and raise a few eyebrows with some interesting moves. While he was by no means the worst player on the floor, he still should probably stick to his day job and let his players do the basketball thing.

Joel David Moore: B

In the words of a fan behind me: "The guy from Avatar can actually play!" The actor was the American's best weapon off the bench, scoring nine points in 22 quality minutes. And if that's not enough for you, he even won a jump ball against Tracy McGrady.

Nick Cannon: D

Since he played only six minutes, I actually forgot Cannon was even there until I saw the final box score. He had two points, and clearly a very unmemorable evening.

Jason Sudeikis: A

First thing's first: This dude can ball. The former "SNL" star scored the game's first point with a wide-open 3 just nine seconds into the game, and he continued to drain 3-pointers throughout the night, ultimately going 4-for-7 from beyond the arc. Completely unafraid on the floor, he finished with a team-high 14 points and proved there's hope for all of us average-sized, non-professional athletes.

Chauncey Billups: C

Just days after having his number retired by the Detroit Pistons, Billups made his triumphant return to the court and played the most minutes of anyone representing the red, white and blue. However, despite his playing time, he scored only three points and went a dismal 0-for-7 from 3-point land. On the plus side, at least we know he's probably not regretting his retirement decision.

O'Shea Jackson Jr.: C

Straight outta ... buckets. Despite a promising start, the "Straight Outta Compton" star wasn't able to contribute much -- scoring only once in just under 19 minutes of play.

Elena Delle Donne: B

She's the reigning WNBA MVP, how do you think she did? The lone female on the squad, Delle Donne started and played over 25 minutes but ultimately didn't seem to be giving it her full intensity. While understandable, she finished with only seven points and five rebounds but probably could have had a triple-double if she had tried.

Muggsy Bogues: B+

Despite the fact he's still a heck of a basketball player, the retired 5-foot-3 star somehow filled Kevin Hart's role of token short guy. Nonetheless, he somehow found a way to balance being funny (including being carried off the court by McGrady at one point) and being, you know, still pretty good.

Terrence Jenkins: C-

Let's start with the good news: Jenkins, better known as Terrence J, went 66 percent from the field. The bad news? He shot only three times. All and all, it wasn't a great night for the TV personality, but perhaps it could have been had he kept shooting.

Kevin Hart: A-

The four-time MVP announced his retirement from the annual game after the 2015 edition, and was tasked with coaching the American squad this year. That is, until he made his dramatic return in the third quarter, running out of the tunnel as the "Rocky" theme played before immediately taking the court. While his performance couldn't save the struggling Americans, he did score five points and receives significant extra credit for his entertainment contributions.


Win Butler: A+

The lead singer of Arcade Fire, Butler didn't start but ultimately was the surprise of the game, notching 15 points and three steals in just over 22 minutes, and even engaged in some trash talk with the American team. For his efforts, he deservedly earned the game's MVP award. However, while he calls Montreal home, he is technically an American citizen, so expect some major citizenship questions to arise in the coming days.

Drew and Jonathan Scott: B-

Full disclosure: I can't tell the Property Brothers apart; therefore, they are getting a joint grade. That said, the fans loved them, and seemed to cheer every time one of them touched the ball. One of them had an impressive trey in the fourth, and they combined for nine points.

Kris Wu: B

The actor and singer brought a devoted group of fans with him, and their reaction to everything he did definitely made his heartthrob status known. Cracking the starting lineup for Canada, Wu had six points and seven rebounds in 16 minutes, and probably made a name for himself for those who hadn't previously heard of him.

Milos Raonic: A

Rocking bright pink kicks, the 2016 Australian Open semifinalist had a pretty amazing showing. Attacking the rim, drawing fouls, knocking down shots and even DUNKING, Raonic made his home country and the tennis world proud. His two-handed jam was reportedly the first dunk from a non-basketball player in the game since rapper J. Cole threw one down in 2012.

Stephan James: B+

The actor, who plays Jesse Owens in the upcoming movie "Race", had an strong performance off the bench. Going 5-for-8 from the field, he finished with 10 points. However, he failed to make any of his four free throws, and that mars his night slightly. Not that it mattered for the dominant Canadians.

Tom Cavanagh: C-

While largely inefficient in the game, the actor wins points for giving his jersey to a young fan who went in for a brief moment in the fourth quarter. That has to count for something, right?

Tammy Sutton-Brown: C

A Canadian women's basketball legend, she didn't have a particularly great night -- even horrifically air-balling a shot late in the game. That said, she played 28 minutes and provided leadership that clearly helped Team Canada down the stretch.

Tracy McGrady: A

The obvious crowd favorite, T-Mac might have had more fun than anyone on the floor. Feeding off of the energy from the fans, the former Raptor dominated on both ends of the floor, scored a game-high 18 points and brought the LOLs with his hilarious antics. Note to NBA: Please invite him to every Celebrity Game going forward.

Rick Fox: C

The winner of the night's best-dressed on the red carpet award -- yes, that was a thing -- Fox did most of his impressing on the red carpet and not, you know, on the court. Looking slower than he did during his playing days, the Toronto native didn't play much but showed the occasional flash of his old self during his brief time.

Eugenie Bouchard: C

Genie Bouchard is a terrific athlete. She is not, however, that great at basketball, notching zero points and one rebound as a starter for the Canadians. But I would definitely give her an A if this were a celebrity tennis match. So she's got that going for her.