Katie Ledecky: Road to Rio training regimen

How to be Katie Ledecky (2:07)

Hannah Storm talks to 19-year-old Olympic champion Kate Ledecky about training with the guys and why she tells herself she's the fastest woman in the world. (2:07)

Here is what a typical training day looked like for Katie Ledecky in her final months of preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games. After completing two courses last fall at Georgetown University -- Comparative Political Systems and History of China I -- the Stanford-bound Ledecky went on hiatus from school until this September to concentrate on swimming.

Her normal weekly schedule included six days of swim practice and three days of dryland workouts. This schedule is based on a first practice at 5 a.m. ET in the 25-yard pool at Bethesda's Georgetown Prep, about eight miles (20 minutes with no traffic) from her home in Bethesda, Maryland.

4:05 a.m.: Wake-up. "She has had to wake us up a couple times, but we've never had to wake her up," her father Dave said.

4:15 a.m.: Ledecky eats two pieces of toast with peanut butter, plus a banana or apple. Dave drives her to Georgetown Prep for practice (5-6:30 a.m.) since Ledecky hasn't had a chance to get a driver's license yet. According to her coach, Bruce Gemmell, her usual morning load is 6,000 to 6,500 yards.

7 a.m.: On her way to pick Ledecky up from practice, mom Mary Gen has gone either to a deli in Bethesda to pick up a bacon-egg-cheese-tomato omelet with potatoes, to a bagel shop for a bagel with cream cheese and egg or to a coffee shop for yogurt and fruit (Katie Ledecky especially likes berries.) Ledecky eats in the car, washing it down with chocolate milk.

"We were told to always get some calories in Katie within 30 minutes of practice," Mary Gen said. Her mom chooses: "I know what she likes, and I try to mix it up."

8 a.m.: Gets home, takes a nap.

11 a.m.-12 p.m.: Goes to dryland training (three days a week) at a Bethesda health club. Before dry land, she eats yogurt, honey and granola with mixed berries, plus either an apple or pear. Her parents alternate drop-offs and pick-ups.

12:30 p.m.: After dryland, she returns home for a homemade lunch of pasta with chicken or a takeout Caesar salad with double chicken and an avocado.

1-2:45 p.m.: Watch TV, read or take another nap.

2:45 p.m.: 45 minutes before afternoon practice at Georgetown Prep, Ledecky eats a piece of fruit and sometimes more toast with peanut butter.

3:30-6 p.m.: Second practice. A normal afternoon training load is 7,000 to 8,000 yards of swimming.

6 p.m.: On the way home in the car, Ledecky eats yogurt -- key lime flavor is the recent favorite. And then she drinks another chocolate milk.

6:30 p.m.: Dinner. This includes a carb, such as pasta or white rice, or arugula with white beans, tomato, garlic and chicken or steak. Ledecky does not eat candy, ice cream, cake or soda. Although she did have a tiny piece of her mom's birthday cake in April.

Mary Gen says she has no idea what Katie's daily calorie intake is.

6:30-9 p.m.: After dinner, more reading or TV. "She has become a news nerd, especially the primaries, caucuses and debates," her dad said.

9:15-9:30 p.m.: Bedtime.