Chloe Kim will make endorsement decisions on her own after birthday

Chloe Kim's Twitter following has risen from fewer than 15,000 followers before the Olympics to more than 287,000. Chris Graythen/Getty Images

American snowboarder Chloe Kim has a chance to capitalize on her Olympic gold and her rise to fame like no modern Olympian ever has.

It's not that Kim will earn the most money in endorsements, but the 17-year-old will have unprecedented leverage.

That's because of the promise Kim's agent, Lowell Taub of CAA, made to her father, Jong Jin, to honor his wishes: Let Chloe have more control of her own deals when she turns 18.

Typically, marketable Olympians sign long-term deals that span from one Olympics to the next. That allows companies to get a good value for someone like Kim who turns into a star but is undervalued if they are locked in to the next Games. That's not the case with Kim, who will get top of the market on all of her deals now.

Kim went into the Olympics with Nike, Burton and Oakley, brands she has been with since she turned pro at 13. She also entered with deals from Toyota, Visa, Mondelez (Ritz and Oreo), Samsung, Monster Energy and Amore Pacific's Laneige.

She turns 18 on April 23, and that means that all of her deals are up for grabs come the spring.

"I've had some of these brands say, 'Can we have her for the next two years?' and I've told them, 'No, you can't have 2019 and 2020,'" Taub said.

Kim won gold in the halfpipe and became one of the most popular Olympians thanks to her bubbly personality, which shone through on tweets about being "hangry," eating churros and wishing for some ice cream.

She has experienced one of the greatest rises in Olympic athlete social media history. Since winning gold, her Twitter following has risen from fewer than 15,000 followers to 287,000. Her Instagram following went from 160,000 before the Games to 650,000, meaning she's halfway in followers to America's most valuable Winter Olympian, Lindsey Vonn (1.3 million).

Taub says her go-to had been Instagram, but her messages of hunger on Twitter evened up the battle a bit. When asked by CNBC after her win if she preferred Instagram or Twitter, she had a problem committing and replied, "Instawitter."

Kim's leverage not only comes because of timing but also because of her age. Taub can sell longer-term deals because of her win and the fact that there's longevity in the sport. Shaun White won gold at 31, and 34-year-old Kelly Clark just competed in her fifth Olympics.

She's adept at social media and her personality lends itself to stardom in many other arenas, not just the halfpipe.

And it's not only the actual Olympics that will keep Kim top of mind. She's adept at social media and her personality could potentially lend itself for a series with Facebook, Amazon or Netflix.