Twitter launches unique #WomeninFootball emoji

A new unique Twitter emoji was launched on Tuesday to celebrate all the women working in soccer around the world.

The aim of the emoji is to help raise awareness of the hard work and influence of women in the sport and can be triggered by simply using the relevant hashtag #WomeninFootball in a tweet.

The #WomeninFootball emoji, part of the larger #WhatIf campaign, was started to help support women and girls who play and/or commit their lives and careers to the beautiful game.

"Twitter pledged to create a unique emoji to celebrate Women in Football and we are delighted that they have acted so quickly in turning their pledge into a reality," said WomeninFootball chair Anna Kessel. "Increasing girls and women's visibility is key and having an emoji is a simple, but obvious and effective way of doing this perfectly.

"This is an opportunity to showcase the amazing talents of women working right across the industry, by raising their profile both individually and collectively.

"From ticket office manager to TV presenter, safety officer to sales assistant, coach to caterer and physio to footballer, the contribution made is immense. If we can champion this generation of industry game-changers, then we can inspire the next."