Watch the espnW Summit NYC

Watch the 2020 espnW: Women + Sports Summit on Oct. 20 and 21 here.

On Thursday, the second annual espnW Summit NYC brought together -- virtually! -- more than 14,000 industry influencers. Missed any of the action? We've got you covered.

Women at the Helm, with Kate Jhaveri, CMO, NBA and Lisa Joseph Metelus, CAA, with Sarah Spain:

espnW Summit NYC: Women at the Helm

Hear from Kate Jhaveri, CMO, NBA and Lisa Joseph Metelus, CAA, along with Sarah Spain as they discuss holding high profile jobs, the WNBA and high profile clients!

Hannah Storm with Sabrina Ionescu, introduced by Alison Overholt:

espnW Summit NYC: Hannah Storm with Sabrina Ionescu

Sabrina Ionescu joins Hannah Storm for a conversation about the abrupt ending to her collegiate career, being the #1 pick in the WNBA Draft and her joining Tik Tok.

Lizzi Cutler: Taking Charge: Tools for Managing Stress and Getting Unstuck, followed by an 8-minute meditation and mindfulness exercise:

espnW Summit NYC: Lizzi Cutler: Taking Charge: Tools for Managing Stress and Getting Unstuck

Join Lizzi Cutler as she gives tips for managing stress and leads a 10-minute meditation.

Leadership Remarks with Jimmy Pitaro, president, ESPN and co-chairman, Disney Media Networks:

espnW Summit NYC: Leadership Remarks with Jimmy Pitaro

Jimmy Pitaro, the President ESPN & Co-Chairman, Disney Media Networks gives leadership remarks and notes on audience expansion during this time.

Sarah Spain, Mina Kimes & Katie Nolan: A conversation on collaboration, their creative approach and recent collective success:

espnW Summit NYC: Sarah Spain, Mina Kimes & Katie Nolan

Sarah Spain talks with Mina Kimes and Katie Nolan about their respective paths to ESPN, how they have paved their way in the sports industry and the secret society of women in sports media.

Sarah Spain with Elle Duncan: Stories from quarantine and the lasting impact of #GirlDad:

espnW Summit NYC: Sarah Spain with Elle Duncan

SportsCenter anchor Elle Duncan joins Sarah Spain to discuss her career path, overcoming obstacles and the lasting impact of #GirlDad.

Laughter Permitted featuring Simone Biles and Crystal Dunn, segment with Julie Foudy & Lynn Olszowy:

espnW Summit NYC: Laughter Permitted featuring Simone Biles

Simone Biles joins the Laughter Permitted podcast to discuss how she's been spending her time during quarantine, the Olympics moving to 2021 and more!

espnW Summit NYC: Laughter Permitted featuring Crystal Dunn

Crystal Dunn joins the Laughter Permitted podcast to discuss growing a garden and raising chickens during quarantine, plus the return of the NWSL next month!

ESPN Production: The WNBA and NFL drafts leading to the virtual W Summit, Jodi Markley, EVP content operations and creative services, ESPN, with Laura Gentile:

espnW Summit NYC: ESPN Production: The WNBA and NFL drafts leading to the virtual W Summit

ations and creative services, ESPN, joins Laura Gentile to Jodi Markley, EVP content oper discuss how virtual productions during quarantine have been possible.

The 9-Minute Strength Workout, with Dr. Jordan Metzl:

espnW Summit NYC: The 9-Minute Strength Workout

Join Dr. Jordan Metzl as he leads a quick body-weight workout session!

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