20 Questions On The 2016 NBA All-Star Game

Need to catch up with what's happening in the world of sports and pop culture? Don't worry, I got you.

1. Could NBA All-Star Weekend have been more spectacular? It was hands down the best since maybe ... forever. No league does exhibition events and games better.

2. Ernie, Sir Charles, Kenny and Shaq make anything watchable. For example, the Talent Challenge. Subtract their hilarious commentary and answer this: Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, what was that?

3. From a sentimental perspective, the Rising Stars Challenge is my favorite event. I love giving the league's emerging talent a platform to shine. Anyone else agree?

4. How awesome was the revamped Skills Challenge, featuring the frontcourt versus the backcourt? And the close finish between Isaiah Thomas and Karl-Anthony Towns, with Towns winning, took it waaaay over the top for me.

5. Who knew Kevin Hart, a 5-feet-4 comedian and actor, would become the NBA's No. 1 pitchman? From commercials to coaching to competing to commentating, he was everywhere.

6. Despite Klay Thompson winning the Three-Point Contest, Stephen Curry was the real MVP. Did you witness the shooting clinic he put on? My goodness.

7. Have Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon officially resurrected the Slam Dunk Contest? My take: Yes. And -- not to show my age or anything -- but it was certainly reminiscent of Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins' epic 1988 showdown. And for the record, Gordon had the best, most creative and athletic dunks.

8. But wait. Did you peep this, though? Whoa. Sign that man to a contract to make him eligible for next year's contest.

9. I know it was Kobe Bryant's final All-Star Game and everything, but were two video montages really necessary?

10. So, what does the GOAT Michael Jordan gift Kobe Bryant before he officially hangs it up? Exclusive Air Jordans in white Lakers colorways of models I to XXX, of course.

11. ALSO: Why didn't we know keeping track of how many times Kobe mentioned "trying to stay loose" would be the unofficial drinking game of the night? #OldManProbs

12. Lil CP3 and Lil Melo had their moments, too. When they're wrecking the league in 15 years, let's not forget this weekend, OK?

13. Beyond stating the obvious about the All-Star Game's halftime performance, Sting and the dancers? Nah.

14. Drake's "Farewell Mamba" leather jacket: cool or creepy?

15. Is Odell Beckham Jr. never not dancing? It's as if he lives his whole life as one continuous "Dancing with the Stars" audition.

16. Back-to-back All-Star wins for Russell Westbrook (All-Star Game MVP) and Zach Lavine (Slam Dunk Contest). There's gotta be a Drake versus Meek Mill joke in there somewhere, right?

17. Are you surprised Westbrook won MVP? Even in an exhibition game, he only has one gear: GO MODE.

18. Boy, the Minnesota Timberwolves sure put the basketball world on notice this weekend, didn't they? They have some serious young talent: No. 1 overall draft pick Karl-Anthony Towns, two-time Slam Dunk Contest champ Zach Lavine and 2015 Rookie of the Year Andrew Wiggins. A bright future awaits them, and the loss of their coach Flip Saunders earlier in the season makes that incredibly bittersweet.

19. The West, and a selfish Kyle Lowry, preventing Paul George from breaking Wilt Chamberlain's 42-point All-Star Game record was weak, but how great was it to see George, who had 41 points, back and healthy on the floor with the league's best players? That must be a better feeling than winning an individual award in an exhibition game.

20. What a wonderful world would this be if we all loved our professions as much as Russell Westbrook loves basketball?

Shana Renee is the founder and editor-in-chief of All Sports Everything and a passionate New York Jets, Knicks and Yankees fan. Follow her sports talk on Twitter at @ItsShanaRenee.