7 Women Changing The World Through Sports

"Educate a woman and you educate her family. Educate a girl and you change the future." -- Rania al Abdullah, Queen Consort of Jordan

7. Fatima Saleem

This Pakistani sports journalist has long believed that sports can empower women and girls in her violence-torn country. In 2014, she launched Go Girl Pakistan, an organization that brings sports clinics to girls. Read more »

6. Yasmin Helal

A former Egyptian basketball star, Helal now leads a grass-roots program called Educate-Me, a supplemental education center that serves hundreds of students. Read more »

5. Yu-Tsien Tseng

She bucks Taiwanese cultural trends and encourages girls to embrace the confidence that sports can give them. Read more »

4. Maqulate Onyango

Growing up in a slum in Nairobi, sports were a beacon of hope for Onyango. She went on to become the first Kenyan woman to serve as match commissioner for the Confederation of African Football, and now directs the same youth league that nurtured her love for sports as a child. Read more »

3. Geraldine Bernardo

After a super typhoon killed thousands in the Philippines in 2013, this former captain of the nation's dragon boat team worked to help heal communities using sports intervention. Now, she's launching a project that will bring 118 basketball courts to the hoops-crazed country. Read more »

2. Anne-Dorte Andersen

This Paralympian always felt her coaches lacked the knowledge to adapt her stroke to her disability. Fueled by her experiences, Anderson now leads the search for future Paralympians in Denmark, helping athletes with disabilities feel included and accommodated. Read more »

1. Chyloe Kurdas

Australian Rules Football isn't for the weak-minded, which is why it was perfect for Kudras, who has always focused on addressing all types of inequalities. She now runs six academies that teach more than 200 young female footballers. Read more »