The Rocket League European Championship group stage highlights

ESPN Rocket League European Championship Group Stage (4:21)

Professional teams, representing various countries from across Europe, compete in the Group Stage of the ESPN Rocket League European Championship. (4:21)

It's a tradition in sports to simulate a major tournament with its video game counterpart. For example, the NFL uses Madden to simulate the Super Bowl, other outlets use FIFA to simulate the World Cup.

But for the EURO 2016, the tournament to determine the European champion in soccer? Psyonix and ESPN decided to take it up a notch. A big notch. The 24 best teams in Rocket League were brought together to simulate the tournament, except instead of people, there are cars moving at maniacal speeds hitting an over-sized ball.

What is Rocket League? It's soccer with rocket-propelled cars and aerial maneuvers played over a five minute match. The result is pure, rocket-fueled, best-of-3 matches with teams like #1 ranked We Dem Girlz representing Germany, #2 iBUYPOWER Cosmic flying the colors Spain, and #3 Kings of Urban taking up England's banner.

The video above highlights the entire group stage, while the graphic below illuminates how your favorite country fared. We'll continue unleashing the highlights and infographics throughout the week.