Wings Gaming return to form at The Summit 5

Wings Gaming lifts its first place trophy at ESL One Manila 2016. Provided by Helena Kristiansson/ESL.

After a disappointing performance from Wings Gaming at the Manila Major, it was a wonder how this team had a run like the one seen at the The Summit 5.

Wings showed up in Los Angeles this past week and demonstrated exactly that prowess, roaring through the winner's side of the bracket to secure a spot in the grand finals. Meeting Wings in the finals were OG, the favorite for this tournament and one of the strongest teams in Dota 2 right now. The champions of Manila, OG were the biggest barrier Wings could have faced.

Game one set the tone early for OG, as the European pros played fast and furious against Wings. Drow Ranger, a pick commonly used by the Chinese squad, was selected in the first round by OG and rounded out by an aggressive Oracle, Axe, Tusk and Medusa draft. Wings attempted to respond with a risky draft involving Warlock and Riki, which had potential for snowballing against the Drow-centered composition, but it never got off the ground against the dominating Drow Ranger play from OG's Johann "N0tail" Sundstein.

With game one in OG's favor, it was clear Wings Gaming had to pull out some better drafts, focusing more on team cohesion than individual counters. OG drafted a strange composition, hinging on David "MoonMeander" Tan's play on the aggressive offlane Legion Commander. Turning to a Huskar pick for Chu "Shadow" Zeyu, complimented by an Ogre Magi and Dazzle for supports, Wings executed a much more aggressive, team-oriented style that quickly shut down OG's odd draft and evened the series out.

Wings continued its dominance through a convincing game three with a surprisingly routine draft. Despite a strong performance from Amer "Miracle-" Barqawi on an unconventional Storm Spirit pick, the OG draft didn't click and Wings slowly but surely steamrolled into the Dire base, taking OG to match point.

Game four saw OG draft a more reserved strategy, even getting strong signature pick in Miracle-'s Invoker. Wings seemed indifferent, putting mid laner Zhou "bLink" Yang on a dynamic Timbersaw in response. While both teams' offlanes struggled, the Timbersaw of bLink continued to spiral out of control, racking up kill after kill against OG. There were a few signs of life, but ultimately OG couldn't overcome the massive lead Wings gained in the mid lane, and GG's were called at 34-minutes, with Wings taking the series 3-1.

After the finals, OG lost two series in a row to Wings, with the Chinese squad looking calmly dominant and much closer to its strength pre-Manila. Though this was only a small tournament compared to The International, this could also be realization for OG and other top teams to not count out this unpredictable lineup in Seattle.