Nova Esports accepting offers for Challenger Series spot

Kenneth "ExecutionerKen" Tang substituted in as Team Impulse's support in the first two weeks of the 2016 North American League Championship Series spring split. Provided by Riot Games

After failing to qualify for the North American League Championship Series promotion tournament, Nova Esports will be selling its Challenger Series spot.

"Nova Esports would like to thank the players and coaches for their dedication to the team and for their strong showing in the summer split," Nova owner David Goldberg tells ESPN.com. "Due to the expense of managing the operation during the offseason, our current plans are not to field a team in 2017."

The sell will include the contracts of two of the team's players, Swedish top laner Olof "Flaxxish" Medin and American AD carry Richard "Rikara" Samuel Oh. However, Goldberg says his organization will not force either player to continue those contracts if they're uncomfortable playing under the buyer of the Challenger spot.

The remaining Nova roster, jungler Tri "k0u" Tin Lam, mid laner Nicholas "Ablazeolive" Abbott, Kenneth "Ken" Tang, and substitutes Joseph "Beanpaste" Jang and Lawrence "Trance" Amador, have all been released from their contracts and are now free agents.