GBM: 'What Riot does is better for players, and what Valve does is better for spectators'

Lee "GBM" Chang-suk was formerly the mid laner for NRG Esports and Team Vitality. Provided by Riot Games

We took the two South Korean imports from NRG Esports, mid laner Lee "GBM" Chang-seok and AD carry Oh "Ohq" Gyu-min, and gave them the same seven questions to contemplate.

We ask the questions. You decide who gave the best answers.

What is your favorite thing about the United States since moving here at the start of the year?

Ohq: Nothing in particular, I like Korea more. [If I had to say something], I like the air.

GBM: Steak.

The teams in the promotional tournament are you guys, Phoenix1, Echo Fox, and Cloud 9 Challenger along with Team Liquid from the minor leagues. Which team do you think is the strongest going in, and which teams do you see qualifying for next split's LCS?

Ohq: I think P1's the best. I think P1 will definitely re-qualify, [and] Echo Fox will be relegated. I think C9C and TLA are pretty similar in skill so I don't know who is better. Us, P1, and C9C or TLA, [I] don't know which.

GBM: Same answer.

What genre of music do you generally listen to, and who is your favorite musical artist?

GBM: EDM, house music. [For favorite artist it'd be], Avicii.

Ohq: I don't know about foreign music that much. It's been a year since I've really listened to music, so I don't know what songs are out these days. No preference.

Which player in League of Legends do you respect the most, and why?

GBM: GBM -- just joke. [It'd be] Faker because he's good.

Ohq: Regardless of position: Faker. He's played for a long time, and showed the best form so far. And he's had the best results.

The current prize pool for Dota 2's world championship, The International, is currently sitting at close to 20 million dollars, and League's world championship sits a little over two million. But, in terms of salary, Valve only holds majors while Riot pays a season salary for every player who makes it into the LCS. Which system do you like better?

GBM: I think Riot giving a base salary to the players is good for players. But for spectators, a higher prize pool is definitely more direct -- they see it more directly. I think what Riot does is better for players, and what Valve does is better for spectators. But yeah, two million is pretty small.

Ohq: I think LCS is the better system, but I do think the Worlds prize pool should go up, though. It's a global, international competition and a lot of people watch it. So compared to the fact people all over the world are watching and it's a big international event, it's small.

If you were banned from playing in North America and South Korea, which region would you go to continue your pro career?

GBM: I don't want to go because I think the lifestyle would be very difficult.

Ohq: Maybe Japan? It's close to Korea, and you could f----ing carry those games.

Finally, what's the coolest gift a fan has given you?

GBM: A Doctor Who bowtie. It was [from] a girl in Korea.

Ohq: I have two favorite gifts. My favorite was a really big stuffed bear, and the other one was a very thoughtful [letter] a fan wrote. [Most of my gifts] were from mostly women.