Valve plans to reduce number of majors in 2017

The Boston Major will be the last major held on patch 6.88. Provided by Valve

In a player's meeting today in Seattle, Washington, Valve announced several changes to the competitive format for Dota 2 in 2017.

Taking effect after the conclusion of this year's International, Valve will be reducing the number of majors from three to two. One will take place before the end of the calendar year, with the second in spring 2017 and The International 2017 still retaining its summer position. According to analyst and Complexity coach Alan Bester, Valve "didn't like how close the Manila Major ended up being to TI."

Valve also addressed roster changes, a system it said "rewards last-minute moves." That's according to Team Secret manager Matthew Bailey's account of the meeting. Separate dates will be set for dropping players and adding them, with a stipulation that subs will be allowed post-qualifier.

All of these rulings will take place after The International 6, for the 2017 competitive season.