Rocket League: August power rankings

Provided by Psyonix.

Note: Some of the following teams will be relatively untested due to the results of recent roster shuffles. Teams with an asterisk next to their names are our picks to progress through the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season 2 open qualifiers. Change in ranking from July is noted in parentheses, unless the team is new and marked as such.

North America

1. *iBUYPOWER Cosmic (+2)

They won RLCS. Let's see if they can keep up that form in online play until Season 2 starts in early September. iBUYPOWER have slacked some online, but as the reigning world champions, some deference must be given. If iBP can return to that LAN level whenever they need it, they are truly one of the most impressive teams in the world.

2. *Kings of Urban (-1)

They had an early exit in RLCS, but in the recent online tournaments they swept the competition, showing themselves especially powerful with an impressive 4-0 win over Exodus. Kings could be looking to regain their throne; let's just hope they can show these online performances on LAN. KoU is the reverse of iBUYPOWER in that they must bring their online level to LAN and then they will truly be world elite.

3. *Exodus (-1)

By putting up a solid RLCS performance and making the finals of the last two weeks' Rocket Royale, Exodus is established as the clear third-place team. If they can keep this consistent play going, Exodus could become quite the fixture near the top of the North American power rankings.

4. *Momentum (+2)

Momentum is a tough case to rank this month. Their results have honestly been pretty bad: losing 2-3 to Genesis and then winning 3-0 the next night; beating Genesis 3-0 again, then losing to XDRL and Exodus twice in one week. They move up to Genesis' previous spot of fourth off of Mike "Quinn Lobdell" Behrouzi, leaving Genesis and Mock-it NA disbanding.

5. *Genesis (no change)

Genesis, our fourth team from the NA side of RLCS, had a strong tournament, eliminating Mock-it EU before dropping out and still leaving themselves in a respectable spot. They have looked poor in NA online, losing twice to Momentum and XDRL. Also with the retirement of Quinn Lobdell they could be in a tough spot without their leader.

6. *Formerly Known As Lucky Bounce (+2)

Lucky Bounce had a tough month, though it is to be expected when a new roster comes back together. Even with tough losses across the month to Momentum, Kings and iBP, Lucky Bounce still slide in above the new boys, Literally. Lucky Bounce will have one eye behind them as they look to keep ahead of Literally and keep moving up the rankings.

7. *Literally (NEW)

Where was Literally last month, when we couldn't round out the power rankings? Literally literally came out of left field with a month of impressive results. Wins over Genesis and Deception (11th) leave them a solid-looking team to finish in the top eight.

8. Ironhype (NEW)

Ironhype is here on older results where they took games off XDRL as well as Literally. More recently they have had struggles, but with a quick style Ironhype looks on track to carve out a spot in this lower portion of the top 10.

9. Chronix (NEW)

This is the first team on here whose rank is based more on potential than much else. With OK results in their first week in Rocket Royale, Chronix could climb quickly; this roster looks apt to move. The question currently is: will they move up or down?

10. *Deception (NEW)

Deception broke into the top 10 off the back of some interesting results. After pushing Kings to a full set and causing some hardship for teams above them, Deception is our outside pick to make the RLCS League play. Whether they can finally move that little bit further and actually take the sets from top teams remains to be seen. Only time will tell.


1. *FlipSid3 Tactics (+1)

FlipSid3 finished second in RLCS and, though they've played with subs while they figure everything out with the possible transfer of gReazy to F3, their results haven't been as bad as one might expect. Once they get their full roster we expect a squad good enough to rival any previous iterations of F3.

2. *Northern Gaming (-1)

Northern has enjoyed a month of strong wins over ENJOY and Cow Nose as well as a win over FlipSid3, albeit an F3 playing with subs. Now that they have picked up Philip "Paschy90" Paschmeyer, Northern looks ready to attempt to usurp F3 and work toward the lofty expectations they faced before last season's RLCS Online Finals.

3. *Supersonic Avengers (+1)

Supersonic Avengers beat FlipSid3 and Northern this month, yet they only move up one spot. No, we are not crazy; they also lost to two mix teams and failed to qualify for RLCS, which will haunt them and keep them at only third in our rankings.

4. *ENJOY (+2)

ENJOY had a good month but some poor recent results. They move up due to Mock-it EU and The Flying Dutchmen disbanding. If they want to hold onto this spot, ENJOY will have to stop dropping games and sets to mix teams and will have to step it up to compete with the big boys. Astrum and We Dem Babiez both look ready to move up and steal this spot should ENJOY's run of poor form continue.

5. Aeriality (+2)

Astrum is another case of filling in where The Flying Dutchmen and Mock-it EU fell. They lost to The Flying Dutchmen three times in the last week of the Dutchmen's time together. Without a turn of form, expect all three of the teams currently below Aeriality to come forward and take this spot happily.

6. *Astrum (NEW)

Ah, the first of the new teams formed for RLCS. Astrum had a good week. In their first tournament out they overcame We Dem Babiez and FlipSid3 to make the finals of Rocket Royale, where they fell to Northern. It was still a stellar first result for a team eager to move up the rankings, and they look ready to do just that.

7. We Dem Babiez (NEW)

What do you take when you pull together three players too young to play in RLCS? Apparently a surprisingly good team. Having beaten Northern, Aeriality and ENJOY, We Dem Babiez could be set to absolutely destroy the Rocket League scene in the near future ... err, maybe in a couple years, that is.

8. *Cow Nose (+1)

Cow Nose only moves up one spot in our rankings, though they would have moved up more had We Dem Babiez and Astrum not come in so strongly to the positions above them. Confident -- though perhaps unexpected -- wins over Astrum, Aeriality and Supersonic Avengers see them looking good coming into RLCS Season 2.

9. *Team Solid (NEW)

Team Solid beat FlipSid3 and Cow Nose this week, though a lack of results earlier in the month as well as a disappointing time versus Northern see Solid slide comfortably into the ninth spot. They look more likely to move upward in the power rankings as opposed to a slide down.

10. *Precision Z (NEW)

Precision Z was an interesting team to rank. How do you rank a team that on its best day soars to the reaches above, seemingly playing as a top three team, and yet on others falls to places best left unnamed? In the last week they won three smaller weekly tournaments, and yet in Rocket Royale versus the toughest competition of the week, they were swept out of the tournament 0-9. Precision Z looks primed to soar so high, and yet they could fall even further. This is truly the most unpredictable team out there right now.