Digital Chaos picks up MoonMeander, Blitz

David "MoonMeander" Tan (formerly of OG) was one of the most controversial players of Heroes of Newerth, which carried over to his early days of Dota. Over the last two years, Moon has changed his approach to the game. Oliver Ludlow for ESPN

On Thursday, Dota 2 team Digital Chaos parted ways with offlaner David "Moo" Hull, leaving an empty offlane spot on the roster.

In an announcement made just a few hours later, the team revealed its new offlaner: David "MoonMeander" Tan. Formerly of OG, Moon will be stepping in as the team's new three-position role for the coming Major. Moon was a critical player for OG throughout 2016, performing impressively on his Batrider and Axe at The International 6.

In the same statement, Digital Chaos also welcomed a new coaching staff in the form of William "Blitz" Lee. Blitz was a coach for Team Liquid leading up to TI6 and will now support the new Digital Chaos heading into the next Major. Under Blitz's tenure, Liquid placed highly at several Majors and premier tournaments.

After a Cinderella run at TI6, the DC lineup will be one to watch at the upcoming, as-yet-unannounced Major this fall. It will be interesting to see how these changes will affect the team in the 2017 competitive season.