CLG releases World Champion Halo roster

Counter Logic Gaming's lineup was acquired by Optic Gaming in September. They'll be competing this week at the Halo Championship Series Fall Finals. Provided by Carlton Beener

In a highly unexpected turn of events, Summer Finals winner and defending World Champion Counter Logic Gaming announced Wednesday that they have released their Halo roster. The news came hours before the beginning of the Halo Championship Series Fall Season. The team, consisting of Paul "Snakebite" Duarte, Matthew "Royal 2" Fiorante, Brad "Frosty" Bergstrom, and Tj "Lethul" Campbell, ends its time with CLG as one of the most dominant Halo rosters to ever play the game.

The press release stated: "It has been an incredible two years watching the team grow from a top two squad in Halo 2: Anniversary to the indisputable best team in the world in Halo 5. All stories have to come to an end however, and our journey in Halo ends today - leaving behind a legacy as one of the best teams in Halo history."

CLG finished the Summer Season with a dominant 13-1 record and swept Enigma 6 in the Summer Finals to cement themselves as the undisputed best roster in the game. It was later revealed that the team has been signed by OpTic Gaming, who released its previous players to make room for the new squad.