Scout: '[Faker's] my role model'

Chinese League of Legends team Edward Gaming took first place in the 2016 LPL summer playoffs and finished the regular season with a 16W-0L record. Provided by LPL, 一村

Last year, Lee "Scout" Ye-chan was considered one of, if not the most promising amateur player in the world. He sat atop of the South Korean solo queue standings before getting signed by SK Telecom T1 and sitting behind the dual world champion mid laners Faker and Easyhoon. After deciding to leave SKT before this year's summer split, he found himself playing alongside the other South Korean world champion mid laner in Edward Gaming's Pawn.

Scout made a successful debut at Worlds today by receiving the MVP award from Riot Games in a decisive victory over Europe's H2K Gaming. EDG is now tied for first in Group C alongside Ahq Esports Club after the first round-robin of the group stage.

ESPN spoke to Scout following his victory.

"While walking up to the stage I was a little bit nervous," Scout admitted. "But as soon as I sat down, I was fine."

Scout was the substitute for Pawn before the season started; however, the 2014 Worlds winner's constant health issues propelled Scout into the starting lineup. While he was merely a cog in a well-oiled machine for a majority of the season, Scout's potential as an aggressive, offensive-minded assassin player was unlocked in the Chinese summer final when he used his Zed to great effect against rival Royal Never Give Up.

"They never gave me a pep talk outside of the game or anything," he said, talking about his experience playing behind the only three South Korean mid laners to hoist the Summoner's Cup. "[Though they've] given me little tips on how to do things in-game, and those were helpful."

When asked about his three mentors, he described each individually:

Faker, "Role Model."

Easyhoon, "Perfectionist."

And finally Pawn, "Clever, mind games."

"[My style is most like] Faker," he answered when asked which of the three he is most similar to. "He's my role model. I would be excited [to face him]. It would be fun, and I'd really like to win."

On the topic of which western mid laners he'd like to face or was impressed with, he answered Team SoloMid's Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg and G2's Luka "PerkZ" Perković from the little he had seen of the League Championship Series.

"I am very fond of aggressive, assassin-like champions," he said, ending the interview by introducing what type of player he is to the western audience. "My play style is just like that: I'm aggressive. I like to be proactive and always facing forward, never back."