Nathani settles portion of Team Imagine lawsuit

Former pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli is part of the remainder of a three-way lawsuit filed by former Team Imagine coach Rohit “CurryshotGG” Nathani who is seeking compensation for his time as a coach. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Former Team Imagine coach Rohit "CurryshotGG" Nathani settled a lawsuit for an undisclosed amount against Gerard Kelly, formerly of Maelstrom Gaming, Team Imagine's parent organization, for compensation during Nathani's time as coach, according to documents filed Oct. 16 in New York Supreme Court. The suit names Maelstrom Gaming and its other co-owner, former pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli, for an alleged $30,000 owed in payment, which is still pending.

"We have resolved all outstanding issues with Mr. Kelly," Nathani's lawyer, Roger R. Quiles, said to ESPN. "Now we turn our attention to the remaining defendants in the case, Mr. Shkreli and Maelstrom Gaming."

Nathani's complaints against Shkreli, Kelly and their organization were made public in February, as reported by the Daily Dot.

Shkreli, known best for his time as Turing Pharmaceutical's CEO, which increased a toxoplasmosis medication used by AIDS patients by more than 5,000 percent once it acquired the rights to the drug, first made his esports investments in 2015. He began by founding a semi-professional League of Legends team in May 2015, later named Odyssey Gaming, which Nathani coached.

In August 2015, Odyssey merged with Maelstrom and Imagine, adding Shkreli as its chairman and a co-owner. Nathani, as well as several other members, moved to the Team Imagine squad, which was competing in the North American League of Legends Challenger Series at the time.

Simultaneously, Shkreli privately funded European Challenger Series team Ex Nihilo. Between his debt to Nathani and other debts with Ex Nihilo, Shkreli allegedly owes approximately $75,000 to various esports players and staff across both teams. Nathani, for his part, is the only member to take legal action against Shkreli.