Epsilon allegedly owes players nearly $25K in outstanding payments

Thomas "Kirei" Yuen was a former player on Team Dignitas. He joined Epsilon eSports in 2016. Provided by Riot Games

Former League of Legends players for Epsilon eSports allege they are owed €22,500 ($24,986) in outstanding payments by their former team, and they are now exploring legal options to collect.

"Everyone in the team is owed one month's salary by Epsilon Esports," the players said collectively in a statement given to ESPN. "We've tried to contact them over several months [but have not received] any response. We hope to find a solution to fix the issue."

The team -- which consisted of Max "Sartorius" Günther, Thomas "Kirei" Yuen, Sofyan "CozQ" Rechchad, Paweł "Woolite" Pruski and Lewis "NoXiAK" Felix -- competed in the semi-professional European League Challenger Series throughout the summer. They say they were paid for remaining months of competition, in May, June and July, but allege that their initial payment on Epsilon was not made.

Though all the players are based in Europe, the team has hired New York attorney Roger R. Quiles as they explore legal options. The players have not decided if they will pursue legal action in the U.S. or Europe.

"Unfortunately, Epsilon has ignored our attempts to reach an amicable solution regarding this matter," Quiles told ESPN. "We are now exploring all legal avenues to ensure the players are paid."

The players were initially acquired as Epsilon's first League of Legends teams in a merger between their team, Inspire Esports, and Epsilon in April. Epsilon is best known for taking first place at the 2016 Smite World Championship and recently announced a deal with soccer club AS Monaco FC for an undisclosed amount.

Epsilon eSports did not respond to a request to comment.