Coach and performance consultant Weldon Green parts ways with Team SoloMid

Weldon Green is a professional esports coach and performance consultant and has worked with multiple top-tier League of Legends teams. Courtesy of Weldon Green

Correction: Weldon Green was originally referred to as an "esports psychologist" when he is actually an esports coach and performance consultant. The article has been modified accordingly. We have also updated Green's time with TSM, which was four months, not six.

Team SoloMid has announced today on its website that it has mutually parted ways with esports coach and performance consultant Weldon Green. The event marks the end of Green's four-month-long term as a full-time member of TSM's coaching staff, during which the squad had qualified for the 2016 League of Legends World Championship.

Team SoloMid encountered Green as they turned to his consultancy services to help the squad throughout the 2016 spring split, and the organization subsequently signed him as a coach throughout the summer season. The squad seized the North American League Championship Series crown following a dominant run, winning 41 games out of 48, and proceeded to a narrow group stage exit during the World Championship.

According to the official release, Green was hired "to help develop [TSM's] players as competitors and manage internal relations within the team," as well as assist the players in building chemistry. However, the organization ultimately saw more value in consulting him for "short periods of time."

Since the announcement, Green has hinted at a new project which he was not able to announce previously. Before the 2016 summer split, he worked with other League of Legends teams such as Enemy, Counter Logic Gaming, Renegades, Fnatic, Copenhagen Wolves, Ember and Team Liquid, among others.

Green was vocal during his tenure within TSM, highlighting the need for higher player pay following the team's victorious summer split campaign. However, he also drew the ire of South Korean League of Legends fans following controversial statements he made during the squad's scrimmage period in South Korea.