What we learned (and didn't learn) at the ECS Finals

Astralis lost to OpTic Gaming in the ELeague Season 2 grand finals, but managed to redeem itself at the Esports Championship Series in a mirror match. Raymond Mccrea Jones/Turner Sports via USA TODAY Sports

Now that the dust has settled after three days of competition in Anaheim, California, it's time to look at some of the biggest takeaways from the Esports Championship Series Season 2 Finals. While Astralis ended up taking the win in a pretty lopsided grand final, there is still plenty to unpack from this past weekend.

SK Gaming falters once more

Outside of Astralis winning the whole tournament, the biggest storyline has to be the fact that SK Gaming came up short yet again. Since winning its second straight major at ESL One: Cologne in July, it's yet to win a tournament. It's made the grand finals twice in that span, but it's been a challenge just to get over the hump. It tried to get things going by bumping Lincoln "fnx" Lau off the roster, yet, for at least this tournament, the results remain the same. That being said, with such talented players on the roster, you have to assume that the team will right the ship eventually. But as of now, it's a bit tough watching it falter over and over. Especially when the latest falter was an absolute dismantling at the hands of Astralis. The silver lining in all of this is that despite these miscues, SK has now finished in the top four in each of the past seven tournaments it has played in since winning Cologne. It now has about a month and a half to practice up with stand-in Ricardo "fox" Pacheco before the ELeague Major at the end of January.

North America is here to stay

There has been a lot of talk in the past few weeks about the surge of the North American Counter-Strike teams. It started with Cloud9 winning ESL Pro League Season 4 at the end of October, and continued with OpTic Gaming winning Northern Arena Montreal and ELeague Season 2. In each one of those grand finals the NA teams beat very strong teams, with Cloud9 defeating SK and OpTic taking down G2 Esports and Astralis. Prior to the North American momentum, the regional scene was more or less considered a joke, but that's just not the case anymore.

The continuing resurgence of old favorites

Much of the drama that took place throughout the ECS Season 2 finals was thanks to a handful of teams who had fallen out of the limelight in recent months. That starts with Astralis, the overall winners of the tournament. Shockingly, this was the first tournament of any kind they have won all year. Not only that, but they've now made it to two straight grand finals, also finishing as runners-up at the ELeague Season 2 finals. They've already qualified for the ELeague Major by virtue of finishing in the top 8 at ESL Cologne, which means they'll be looking to make it to three straight grand finals appearances come the end of January.

This tournament also saw Team EnVyUs insert itself back into the narrative. The Boys in Blue haven't really been contenders for some time now, but after a strong performance at the ECS Finals, they certainly turned some heads. While they did run head first into the Green Wall of OpTic Gaming in the semifinals, they still put together big wins over Immortals and Team Dignitas to get into the playoffs in the first place. They will be taking part in the ELeague Major qualifier this weekend, and will be looking to build upon this top-4 finish to crack their way into the Major.

Overall, the ECS Season 2 Finals was the perfect tournament to send off 2016. While the ELeague Major qualifier will take place at the end of this week, the ramifications of the qualifier won't be felt until the start of the new year. As a result, the ECS Finals certainly left the Counter-Strike community with plenty to chew on as they eagerly await the 2017 season.