Rise Nation drops Overwatch roster due to lack of information around Overwatch League

Winston's Jump Pack and Primal Rage ultimate make him a feared tank in Overwatch. Provided by Blizzard.

Multi-game esports organization Rise Nation has withdrawn from the Overwatch scene following a lack of information and uncertainty around the Overwatch League, the organization announced Thursday.

As a result, the team's six players (Keith "Desro" Hospedales, Samuel "Locke" Latina, Adam "Spirit" Wills, Nathan "xRetzi" Telen, Mike "Midnight" Ryan and Kyle "Phaz" Dornian) will become free agents. Manager and coach Justin "Winlogon" Butt also will part ways with the team.

"Having one of the top NA teams and not having info on if we will be able to keep the team we currently have for the league isn't the greatest feeling," Rise Nation co-owner Kahreem Horsley told ESPN. "So the lack of information about the [Overwatch League] is the biggest reason for us backing out, we feel at the moment it isn't in our best interest to keep paying out to a team monthly that we don't know if we will be able to keep around."

Rise Nation joins the growing list of teams to distance itself from the Overwatch scene due to uncertainty around the Overwatch League.

The buy-in price for said league is $20 million for small markets and increases from larger markets, sources told ESPN. This has left many endemic franchises, and even sports franchises, uninterested in the league based off its current financial terms.

Teams such as Boston Bruins sister company Splyce and one of esports most popular franchise Team SoloMid have removed themselves from the scene in the last few months.