Sources: Gambler, ANAMO set to join Dynasty and Excelsior in OWL

The Seoul Dynasty is adding to its roster in hopes to improve in Overwatch League Stage 2. Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

South Korean Overwatch support players Heo "Gambler" Jin-woo and Tae-seong "ANAMO" Jeong are set to enter the Overwatch League for the Seoul Dynasty and New York Excelsior, respectively, sources close to the players told ESPN. The addition of the two previously Lucio-focused players comes before the start of the next meta in Stage 2, in which the hero will make its return.

For the Dynasty, the 19-year-old former Luxury Watch Blue player Gambler fills out its roster at the maximum 12 players, and provides depth to the support core as a backup for Jin-mo "tobi" Yang. Gambler parted ways with LW in June 2017, citing health concerns around his vocal cords. Seoul, the favorite for the first season of OWL, came out swinging to win its first five games, but found difficulty once the strength of schedule ramped up and failed to make the Stage 1 playoffs.

The addition of ANAMO to the NYXL marks the first backup support player for the team, which has seen Yeon-joon "ArK" Hong and breakout star Sung-hyeon "JJoNak" Bang contribute to much of the success for the team in the first stage. ANAMO brings his shotcalling experience from his time in Mighty AOD and as captain for Ardeont, which most recently won the Overwatch Pacific Championship in December. Sources say the team, now with nine players on its roster, has been trying out different players to fill depth in the offtank area but has not found the right fit.

A representative from the NYXL declined to comment, and the Seoul Dynasty did not reply back by time of publication.