Everything you need to know about the League of Legends World Championship

Last year's League of Legends World Championship took place in China. This year, the event is moving to South Korea. Provided by Riot Games

For the new or uninitiated, the League of Legends World Championship is the biggest esports events of the year. Last year's grand finals boasted nearly 60 million viewers and a $5 million prize pool.

So, what is it?

Over the span of a month, 24 of the best teams across the globe will be competing for the most prestigious title in the game. This is the NBA Finals of League of Legends.

What do the winners get out of it?

That big prize purse, bragging rights, skins (in-game cosmetic costumes that change the look of the characters) and a huge trophy.

Where is it?

Worlds is returning to South Korea this year. This is the second time it's being hosted there (the last time was 2014).

When does it take place?

The play-in (pre-group stage) stage kicks off in Seoul on Oct. 1-4 and Oct. 6-7.

The group stage and quarterfinals will take place in Busan on Oct. 10-17 and Oct. 20-21, respectively.

The semifinals will take place in Gwangju on Oct. 27-28.

The finals will take place in Incheon on Nov. 3.

How do I watch?

On ESPN+ and Twitch. Check our Twitter each day for a link to the stream.

Who's playing?

North America

Team Liquid
100 Thieves


Team Vitality
G2 Esports

South Korea

KT Rolster
Afreeca Freecs


Royal Never Give Up
Invictus Gaming
EDward Gaming

Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau

Flash Wolves
MAD Team


Phong Vũ Buffalo




KaBuM! e-Sports


Gambit Esports

Latin America (North)

Infinity eSports

Latin America (South)

Kaos Latin Gamers


SuperMassive eSports


DetonatioN FocusMe


Dire Wolves

South East Asia

Ascension Gaming

What are the pools?

Who do I root for?

Depends what you value in a team. Do you want to root for the team with the best odds? South Korea may be your best bet. Or a team that'll make waves? Consider a team from China. Maybe a team that's closer to being a dark horse? Consider Brazil or Turkey. Or are you a sucker for a good Cinderella story? Vietnam may be a good choice here. Or maybe you just want a team with a good logo. In that case, go for G-REX.

What about North America?

Poor North America has a history of disappointing when it matters most on the international stage, so we won't bet on that to change. If you really want a team to root for, Team Liquid is your best bet.

What else do I need to know?

South Korea is the favorite heading in (they've won the past five World Championship titles). China comes in as a close second, having won the Mid-Season Invitational (a mini-World Championship that takes place -- as you've probably guessed it -- in the middle of the season). Europe could make a splash, given the right circumstances, but everything else is up in the air.