League of Legends global power rankings through June 11

G2 Esports are looking strong going into the League of Legends summer split. Provided by Riot Games

1. G2 Esports

Record: 2-0 | League: LEC | +/-: --

G2 Esports are on top of the world after showing dizzying draft flexibility during their 2019 Mid-Season Invitational victory. What's more, they are holding the top spot this week following their 2-0 performance in the LEC. Indeed, empowered by jungler Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski's early-game counter-jungling and subsequent pressure across the map, G2 pummeled Splyce in 22 minutes. Their AD carry, Luka "Perkz" Perkovic, dominated the subsequent game against Origen, a hard-fought battle save for macro.

Meta changes in 9.12 might prove entertaining on G2's draft front, but in the meantime, the LEC will enjoy a healthy dose of G2 dominance.

-- Adel Chouadria

2. Royal Never Give Up

Record: 3-0 | League: LPL | +/-: --

RNG's LoL Pro League final appearance streak ended last split after an early-exit loss to JD Gaming, but this summer, the team is back on track and firing on all cylinders. RNG's opponents haven't been the strongest this split -- their combined competition has a record of 1-5 so far -- but the manner in which they are winning is promising for the future. Jian "Uzi' Zi-Hao is still the team's "main carry," but RNG have been far more willing to allocate resources elsewhere while also occasionally using him as prime bait. With league champions across the world struggling to maintain their dominance, RNG snap up the second-place spot with a strong summer start and secure team identity.

--Xander Torres

3. FunPlus Phoenix

Record: 3-0 | League: LPL | +/-: --

For anyone who watched China's LoL Pro League last year, seeing FunPlus Phoenix up this high should come as no surprise. In a meta that rewards teams for innovation and allows for more creativity than many teams attempt onstage, FPX have continued their strong spring performance into an undefeated 3-0 start to summer. We wouldn't necessarily call FPX the most flexible team. It's more that they're really good at knowing how they want to play -- especially around mid laner Kim "Doinb" Tae-sang -- and how to draft around that. Doinb is still trotting out champions such as Nautilus and Renekton in the mid lane, and is becoming a unique point of pressure on the map.

--Emily Rand

4. Griffin

Record: 2-0 | League: LCK | +/-: --

It's hard being a Griffin fan. When they came on to the scene last season as super rookies in South Korea, skyrocketing to the top of the LCK standings, it felt like a seismic shift had occurred in the world of League of Legends. The starting five for Griffin were going to revolutionize what it meant to be a top team in South Korea. And yet, here we are, a year after their debut and the only thing they have to show for it is a KeSPA Cup preseason trophy. They've made the LCK finals twice, only to lose in heartbreaking fashion.

Here we go again. Griffin look strong, SKT are looking shaky coming back from Taiwan, and hope is starting to blossom once more in the summer. Let's see how this story ends this time.

--Tyler Erzberger

5. Kingzone

Record: 2-0 | League: LCK | +/-: --

South Korean teams have always tried to copy the best teams in their region. Every team wants to be Samsung White of 2014 or the SK Telecom T1 side that destroyed everyone in 2015. Kingzone? They want to be South Korea's G2 Esports, apparently. They have shown flexibility and decisiveness that the region has lacked in its drought of international championships, and they could be the chosen ones to bring some excitement back to a region that needs something good to think about. The biggest question mark for Kingzone will be Yoo "Naehyun" Nae-hyun, who is filling in Heo "PawN" Won-seok at the mid lane position.


6. EDward Gaming

Record: 2-0 | League: LPL | +/-: --

With top laner Jeon "Ray" Ji-won inactive and Zhao "Jiejie" Li-Jie starting ahead of veteran jungler Ming "Clearlove" Kai (with former jungler Chen "Haro" Wen-Lin now at Rogue Warriors), we were wondering what this iteration of EDG would look like. At 2-0, EDG have had two solid starts against Dominus Esports (formerly known as Sinodragon) and JD Gaming. Like Haro before him, Jiejie seems focused on ganking early for his side lanes -- imagine an EDG jungler going top side -- and appears well coordinated with both the bot lane of Hu "iBoy" Xian-Zhao and Tian "Meiko" Ye and new top laner Lim "Jinoo" Jin-woo.

Like LNG, EDG have historically struggled with large meta shifts, but they're able to focus bot side as most iterations of EDG have done through the years, and have strong options top side with Jinoo.

-- Rand

7. TOP Esports

Record: 1-0 | League: LPL | +/-: --

While RNG, FunPlus and EDG lead the LPL, TOP Esports have somewhat fallen to the wayside this summer, especially after a narrow 2-1 win over perennial bottom feeder Vici Gaming. During the spring split, TOP Esports often succeeded with aggressive teamfight options on the back of mid laner Zhuo "Knight" Ding's incredible mechanical ability. The approach hasn't changed much thus far, but if TOP want to contend for the LPL crown in the long run, they will need a few more tricks up their sleeves. Still, when Knight is good as he is, it's hard not to pin TOP as one of the best teams in the world.


8. LNG Esports

Record: 3-0 | League: LPL | +/-: --

You can take the Snake name and branding from this team, but you can't take away their penchant for early-split success. Through the years, top laner Li "Flandre" Xuan-Jun & Co. have made a name for themselves with a few oddball picks, strong starts and inevitable late-split dips in performance once other LPL teams figure them out. The team-formerly-known-as-Snake look to have a strong understanding of their top side 2-on-2, especially with Flandre on a mobile champion like Akali or, most recently, Pyke and jungler LĂȘ "SofM" Quang Duy on Sejuani.


9. Fnatic

Record: 2-0 | League: LEC | +/-: --

Fnatic's spring split campaign was a testy uphill climb, but they owe a 2-0 start to the spring split to Mads "Broxah" Brock-Pedersen's proactive jungling in the early game. Their matchup against SK went accordingly in a one-sided, 30-minute affair, with Tim "Nemesis" Lipovsek's takeover off Broxah's efforts. However, their play against Misfits was porous at times as they approached key objectives. Without proper setups, their attempts at side lane pressure and dragon contests occasionally backfired. Despite that, their team fight execution was impeccable. Should they improve before their clash against Origen on Week 2, they will create a gap on their race for second place.


10. Origen

Record: 1-1 | League: LEC | +/-: --

Origen are not the same team that lost to G2 Esports in record time at the LEC spring finals -- for better and worse. Paradoxically, their loss against G2 was more encouraging than their victory against Team Vitality. On one hand, their loss against G2 Esports showcased improvement across the board with vision and teleport plays. On the other, risky elements in their draft and initial play against Team Vitality would not have worked against other teams. Origen's exploratory draft and subsequent Patrik "Patrik" Jiru massacre on Sona (12/0/7 KDA, 86.36 percent kill participation ratio) were cause for relief, they also were the byproduct of repetitive blunders from their opponents' side.