Flamengo fans fervently supporting Brazilian team at worlds

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This story was originally published by ESPN Brazil and translated from Portuguese.

BERLIN -- There is a maxim among Flamengo fans that says there is no place in the world that does not have a Flamengo fan. This year's edition of the League of Legends World Championship is an example. Even on another continent, Black and Red fans have made their presence known in the studio that is hosting the League of Legends World Championship play-in matches.

ESPN Esports Brasil spoke with Brazilians who were in Berlin to support the team in Flamengo's world championship debut. A Black and Red fan since the early days, Bruno Rodrigues said he was very happy when the club announced that it was fielding a League of Legends team. Rodrigues was even happier when he saw that his team was going to play on German soil, the place where he has lived over the past three years.

"It was a great thrill to know that I could see Flamengo at worlds and be able to support them in a live event. Being present to be part of the vibe is very exciting," the Brazilian fan said.

Another resident in Germany for three years is Jean Campos, who pointed out that while living in Brazil he had "never had the opportunity to go to an event, and when I learned that Flamengo was going to play here, that I was going to have the world championship in Berlin, I got really excited."

Brazilian fans did not miss the vibe, which was praised by one of Flamengo's opponents on Thursday. Damwon Gaming shooter Nuclear revealed, "I could feel the passion" of Brazilians present at the Riot Games studio in Berlin. The player also pointed out: "I think [Brazilians] are three times louder than the Korean fans."

There did not appear to be any Flamengo fans present who traveled from Brazil to Germany, but there was a Red and Black fan who lives in Ireland and went to Berlin to support the Brazilian team.

A fan of Sao Paulo, one of Flamengo's rivals in soccer, Vinicius, was categorical: "I want to give Flamengo the maximum support so they can feel that we are here. I came from this distance to do this and, regardless of the result, I know that I am doing my best."

Emiliano Costa said, "We have to support the best Brazilian team out here," but he also said he was "very excited about this Flamengo team." The Brazilian also pointed out that "fans can make a difference. The presence of Brazilians gives a little warmth."

A fan of Felipe 'brTT' Goncalves since when the shooter played for paiN Gaming, Artur Funi revealed that he started supporting Flamengo because of brTT. "I've always liked him. I support paiN, then I started to support Red Canids, and now I scream for Flamengo," he said.

The Brazilian also took the opportunity to issue a warning to Flamengo's star: "He has the best fans in Brazil and as soon as he gets on stage, the fans will scream, 'Uh, Uh, daddy has arrived!'"