Riot Games shows off LoL Esports Manager and four other projects

Provided by Riot Games

Riot Games revealed Tuesday the release plans for what it calls "the first League of Legends game in the sports manager genre," LoL Esports Manager.

The game will give players a chance to create and run their own versions of professional League of Legends teams.

The announcement came as part of Riot Games' celebration of League of Legends' 10-year anniversary. Riot also showed four other projects: footage of their League of Legends fighting game (which was confirmed at Evo 2019), a first person shooter, a card game akin to Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering, and an animated series. Additionally, Teamfight Tactics will be coming to mobile, and Wild Rift will encompass the mobile and console League of Legends experience.

According to Riot Games, LoL Esports Manager will allow fans and players run their esports teams "through major decisions that include: strategy selection, pre-match bans and picks" in an effort to win the offseason.

Touting its new AI system, the game aims to give its gamers the option of facing off against other players via ranked competition or "experiencing an esports story through the eyes of a single protagonist."

Initially planned for release for the China-based League of Legends Pro League in 2020, the game eventually will expand to allow users to incorporate players from other leagues.

Per the announcement, the actual teams featured in the manager-style game will receive a percentage of revenues as part of a revenue-sharing plan.

--Field Level Media