Epic Games announces $5 million prize pool for Chapter 2, Season 1

The black hole is gone, and Fortnite Chapter 2 is here. Provided by Epic Games

Chapter 2, Season 1 of the Fortnite Champion Series will feature $5 million in prizes, Epic Games announced Friday.

Qualifiers will start on Nov. 1 and last four weeks. The season final, including the group stage and grand final, will take place Dec. 6-8.

While the previous Fortnite Champion Series, which ended in late September, was contested with trios, the Chapter 2, Season 1 competition will be between four-player squads.

Epic said the season format was set up to provide more qualification spots to individual weekly qualifiers.

Also, trades will not be allowed between qualified teams.

Epic Games made sure the competitions wouldn't conflict with Dreamhack Winter, the major Fortnite tourney slated for Nov. 29-Dec. 1 in Sweden. That leaves players the ability to compete in both events.

-- Field Level Media