Big matchups ahead for top-4 College League of Legends teams

Outside tournaments and LANs such as ASU GSV and the Collegiate StarLeague DreamHack Anaheim Open Qualifier are defining the College League of Legends coaches poll during the early portion of the Swiss bracket in that event. Provided by Riot Games

Maryville University continues to inch closer to being the first unanimous No. 1 of the 2020 College League of Legends season after Week 4's votes put it just two first-place selections off the honor.

The Saints took down No. 2 Columbia College in a matchup in the ASU GSV winners semifinal last week and have dominated the early part of the College League of Legends Swiss bracket as expected. A victory against No. 4 Winthrop in the winners final of ASU GSV will all but assure Maryville earns that unanimous No. 1 spot in the next edition of the poll.

After falling to Winthrop in the upper part of the ASU GSV bracket, Harrisburg's been on a tear and proving the Storm are still one of the best programs in the country. Harrisburg beat several top-25 programs, including Texas, Illinois Wesleyan, Stony Brook and Arizona State in the losers bracket of ASU GSV to set up for a guaranteed top-10 clash against the winner of Columbia College vs. Waterloo.

The upcoming matches of ASU GSV will play out in an LAN setting on March 29 ahead of the ASU GSV Summit in San Diego, California.

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In some other moves, Cal continues to rise in the poll and narrowly missed the top 25 this week. The Golden Bears beat USC in the Collegiate StarLeague's DreamHack Anaheim open qualifiers and will have a chance to earn a spot on the list if they can pull off a big upset against top-10 Arizona State.

Below are the full results of the preseason top 25. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of first-place votes for a team. The ESPN poll aggregates picks from nearly 40 coaches across North America every other week during the College League of Legends season.

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  1. Maryville (32)

  2. Columbia College (1)

  3. Harrisburg (1)

  4. Winthrop 2

  5. UC Irvine 1

  6. Western Ontario 1

  7. Illinois

  8. Arizona State 1

  9. Stony Brook 1

  10. Waterloo

  11. Michigan State

  12. Illinois Wesleyan

  13. Robert Morris

  14. Toronto

  15. Grand View University 3

  16. British Columbia

  17. Texas 2

  18. UT Dallas 3

  19. NC State 2

  20. Ottawa

  21. George Mason 1

  22. Miami Ohio 3

  23. USC 1

  24. York University

  25. Ohio State 1

In: Ohio State

Dropped out: Purdue

Also receiving votes: Purdue, Cal, Ryerson, Michigan, Virginia Tech, LSU