Three tips for playing new multiplayer team brawler Bleeding Edge

Ninja Theory released a new multiplayer team brawler called Bleeding Edge on Tuesday. Photo courtesy of Ninja Theory

Have you ever wanted to be a big, pink-haired gal with saw blades for hands? Or a voodoo snake that controls a dead body? Bleeding Edge might be for you.

It's a colorful, third-person, four-on-four, objective-based hero brawler. The word objective-based is the key word there.

Please read it again: Objective-based.

One more time: Objective. Based.

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I've spent a few hours with the game, and it's fun to play with a coordinated team. When your tanks tank, healers heal and damage-dealers deal damage while playing one of two modes (control random points or collect and deposit power cells), the game clicks. There's depth to dig into here, chained crowd control to combo together, unique characters and solid movement mechanics.

But if you don't play the objective, you're gonna have a bad time. Case in point, here is a game in which I played as the healer and didn't die once because our team played together.

The other team did not have a good time.

If you're already playing with three or four friends, you'll have a good chance at success if you communicate. So here are some tips if you are playing solo or with a friend so you don't pull your hair out.

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Don't try to save the lone wolf

Seriously. They won't learn if you try to save them. If you see anyone trying to take on a whole team alone (which seems to be the katana-wielding Daemon players so far), you leave them be and go play the objective. When they complain, just let them know to follow the team. A team that snowballs together wins together. If you do find yourself going in one by one and getting picked off, hold in a safe spot and regroup.

Don't chase the kill

There are going to be a lot of times when your abilities are on cooldown while an enemy is running away at low health. You know what you should do? Play the objective. You've chased them off, and it's on them to decide what they want to do. Go back to your team, keep pushing the other players away and stay on the objective.

Don't be selfish

First, play the tutorial. In a match I played, one person didn't know how to equip their hoverboard -- to get around the map faster -- which is one of the first things you're taught in the tutorial.

Second, all nine characters are fun to play. I generally choose healer-types, but I had a blast playing Makutu, a disruption and buffing tank who skipped leg day. Round out your team and you'll be much better off, and let's say this together, play the objective.