Who won the weekend: OWL, Animal Crossing return

Robert Paul/Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Concerns over the coronavirus have caused many esports leagues to move online, and the Overwatch League was able to pull off a huge slate of online games over the weekend. Meanwhile, gamers and esports pros alike kept extremely busy with the new Animal Crossing release.

Last time out, LEC and LCS production teams got our nod, with Doublelift achieving 1,500 kills a close second. Here's who we think won the weekend this time.

Winner: Overwatch League returns with online format, hefty match schedule

It's been quiet on the OWL competition front since the second Washington homestand in early March. As many leagues were moving online, Overwatch League announced it would do the same. The first online matches, scheduled for last weekend, did not happen, as OWL released a statement saying it was postponing competition due to California's statewide "stay at home" order.

This weekend marked the league's return, with 10 games being played over two days.

The Seoul Dynasty crushed Los Angeles in their long-delayed debut, with 3-0 wins over the Valiant and Gladiators. But both L.A. teams bounced back in impressive fashion, with both of them notching 3-1 wins over the defending-champion San Francisco Shock.

It was also the debut of the Chinese OWL squads, all of them going 1-1 on the weekend.

Between the online format and hero pools, this will make for a chaotic but very interesting league to watch. There were some technical hiccups, but like I said when I shined a spotlight on the LCS/LEC broadcasts when they went online, now is NOT the time to complain.

Props to the Overwatch League crew behind the scenes and in front of the camera for doing their best with the hand they were given. That's all we can ask for when we are socially distancing and seeking entertainment. So, the whole team gets nothing from good vibes from me, and a definitive vote for Who Won The Weekend.

Special shoutout to Soe's cat, Nori, who did what no one had been able to do so far by single-handedly banning Mei.

Runner-Up: Animal Crossing: New Horizons sweeps the gaming conversation

Yeah, yeah, I know Animal Crossing isn't esports. But if you paid attention to Twitter or TikTok all weekend, you'd believe it was. Many esports personalities joined the larger scene around the new life simulation game with its release on March 20, and that sustained throughout this weekend, too.

Whether it be mass restarts for peaches and specific airport color, to countless posts of being stung by wasps or chased by tarantulas or struggling to overcome enormous debt by Tom Nook and his nephew raccoons (our lead producer, Dave, called them "ferrets" one night, which is now the butt of many Slack jokes), Animal Crossing: New Horizon put a whole new spin on the series. And I'll be damned, Tom Nook may not charge interest, but he is a predatory loan shark and I will not hear otherwise. Tom Nook's a crook!

Nonetheless, as we all continue to social distance to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we can all connect in Animal Crossing. At least we have that.