NBA 2K's Mama Im Dat Man denied possible points record by Bucks Gaming's actions

Nidal "Mama Im Dat Man" Nasser nearly attained the NBA 2K League single-game points record on Tuesday. Bebeto Matthews/Associated Press

NBA 2K League Season 2 MVP Nidal "Mama Im Dat Man" Nasser was denied a chance to attain the single-game points record in a league matchup by what is being characterized by some on Twitter as unsportsmanlike actions by the opposing team.

In a regular-season matchup of Nasser's Blazer5 Gaming and Bucks Gaming that aired on ESPN2, Nasser racked up an NBA 2K League-record 46 points at the half (including a record 31 in the first quarter) and was on pace to break the single-game points record of 84, held by Grizz Gaming's Meyhar "AuthenticAfrican" Ahmed-Hassan.

The controversy came in the fourth quarter, with Blazer5 up 82-50 and Nasser needing 13 points to tie the record. Bucks Gaming began holding the ball, as they attempted to run the clock out on every possession that quarter while at some points quadruple-teaming Nasser.

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"Holding the ball the whole quarter ? Pathetic. We are all supposed to be competitors," tweeted Malik "Original Malik" Hobson, who plays for Knicks Gaming.

"I would fine the @BucksGG if i was the @NBA2KLeague," Gerald "Sick One" Knapp of Raptors Uprising tweeted.

"I wonder if the bucks gonna get investigated after that performance," Juan "Hotshot" Gonzalez of HEAT Check Gaming tweeted.

Nasser ended up with 77 points, which set the record for a regulation NBA 2K game. He fell short of the total set by Ahmed-Hassan by only eight points.

The league's official Twitter account tweeted about the record-breaking performance but did not mention Bucks Gaming's actions in the fourth quarter.

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