Riot Games unveils Reyna, 11th VALORANT agent

VALORANT's game director details new agent, Reyna (0:58)

VALORANT's game director, Joe Ziegler, explains how to improve with the new agent, Reyna and how players can improve with her quickly. (0:58)

Riot Games has revealed the newest VALORANT agent.

The 11th VALORANT agent, Reyna, is from Mexico. The announcement video posted to Twitter shows 30 seconds of her gameplay, including a brief introduction of her abilities, but no explanation. Her free ability appears to be some kind of healing steal effect, with the voice line "give me your heart!" One bought ability seems to have a blinding effect, perhaps similar to the Phoenix curveball, with the voice line "see nothing!"

Her opening line in the teaser video is, "Are those our enemies? This won't take long." Her primary colors are purple and black.

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The reaction to Reyna online seems to be very positive. Pro player Lucas "Mendo" Håkansson responded to the video by saying, "reyna main reporting in."

Coby "Dizzy" Meadows jokingly noted he's now a Reyna main too.

VALORANT's closed beta ended a few days ago, and the game will be released to the public on June 2. Riot Games confirmed the game will feature 11 agents and four maps (the closed beta featured 10 and three, respectively).

ESPN Esports will present a 12-hour livestream on June 1 ahead of the game's release, featuring interviews with developers, pro players, team owners, casters, a live skin design and much more. It will take place from noon to midnight ET on twitch.tv/espnesports.

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