Seattle Surge's Enable out for rest of Call of Duty League season

Ian "Enable" Wright announced Thursday that he will not be starting for the Seattle Surge for the remainder of the Call of Duty League season. Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Ian "Enable" Wyatt will not be starting for the Seattle Surge for the remainder of the season, with Nicholas "Proto" Maldonado stepping into the starting lineup, Enable and the team announced Thursday.

The Seattle Surge and coach Joey "Nubzy" DiGiacomo revealed the lineup change in a Twitter post.

"Ian has been incredibly professional and understanding of our team asks of him throughout the season," Nubzy said in a statement. "Unfortunately, we are not in a position to have him join the starting lineup in the interim."

The announcement followed this up by saying that Enable would help support the team on a day-by-day basis and then thanked him for being a good teammate.

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"I appreciate all the support I received this year, I'll be back," Enable said in his Twitter post. In a follow-up tweet, he added, "Sucks that I won't be competing at Champs this year, but I have more fire than ever to compete next game. I still have some left in the tank."

Enable started for Seattle at the beginning of the season but was benched and replaced by Casey "Pandur" Romano, with the team citing in-game struggles in the Search and Destroy game mode as a reason. Enable returned to the starting lineup of the Seattle Surge for the Seattle home series two weeks ago, but played only three maps before he was replaced again by Pandur for the remainder of the event.

On Wednesday, the Seattle Surge also announced the retirement of Call of Duty legend Damon "Karma" Barlow.

The Seattle Surge are in 11th place out of 12 teams in the Call of Duty League, with a record of 4-12 and 40 total league points.