Every Call of Duty League Paris home series map in a sentence

The Mutineers won their second title of the season at the Minnesota home series. Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

It wasn't the Chicago Huntsmen, Dallas Empire or Atlanta FaZe but the Florida Mutineers who became the first team to win three titles, including two back-to-back, in the Call of Duty League 2020 season.

Here is every map from the Paris Legion home series in a sentence.


Florida Mutineers 3, Paris Legion 0

Rammaza, Hardpoint: Florida continues to look good off of spawn on Hardpoint.

Rammaza, Search and Destroy: Denz nearly brings this to a Round 11, but Havok wins the 1v1 in Round 10 for a Mutineers victory.

Hackney Yard, Domination: Florida gets out to a ridiculously early lead in the first half and cruises to a 3-0 win.

Dallas Empire 3, London Royal Ravens 2

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Dallas gets a strong early hold and then breaks onto London's next point to extend their lead to over 100 points and finish 250-84.

Gun Runner, Search and Destroy: The Royal Ravens regroup with a strong 6-2 S&D round.

Gun Runner, Domination: Dallas kick this off with nearly a 30-point first-half lead that becomes a 51-point win with strong performances from Huke, Shotzzy, and Crim.

St. Petrograd, Hardpoint: London break onto what ends up being their final hardpoint with a last-second tick to 250 before the next rotation.

Piccadilly, Search and Destroy: I really like some of the Royal Ravens' fast-push plant strategies, but Dallas come out on top in a close series.

New York Subliners 3, OpTic Gaming Los Angeles 1

Rammaza, Hardpoint: Despite 34 kills from Accuracy for the Subliners, OpTic take this 250-167.

Arklov Peak, Search and Destroy: New York get out to a 4-0 start with multiple-round first bloods and cruise to a 6-1 win.

Gun Runner, Domination: OpTic get a late triple-cap for a first-half draw and the game stays close with the B flag hotly contested in a two-point narrow win for the Subliners.

Hackney Yard, Hardpoint: After an over 100-point early lead for Subliners, OpTic make it close but New York takes the series 3-1.

Atlanta FaZe 3, Toronto Ultra 2

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: FaZe heat up mid-map and have better spawn control on the back half to go up 1-0.

Arklov Peak, Search and Destroy: Toronto get off to a strong start, and although Atlanta nearly bring it back, the Ultra win in Round 10, breaking their S&D loss streak.

Hackney Yard, Domination: FaZe nearly bring this back with a triple cap in the second half but Toronto take it.

St. Petrograd, Hardpoint: The good thing to see from Atlanta on this map win was the fact that kill distribution was fairly even across the board.

Gun Runner Search and Destroy: Cellium sets an S&D kill record with 18 kills and Atlanta do it again, coming up clutch in a Game 5.


Atlanta FaZe 3, New York Subliners 2

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Whatever was haunting FaZe in the past few weeks in their Gun Runner Hardpoints seems to have disappeared, at least in this match.

Gun Runner, Search and Destroy: Atlanta continue their dominance in this series with a 6-1 win, although New York make the individual rounds close.

Hackney Yard, Domination: FaZe nearly make this a 3-0 sweep with strong A-B control and aBeZy popping off but the Subliners make their move with a minute and a half left in the game to extend the series.

St. Petrograd, Hardpoint: Another close Hardpoint, this time in the Subliners' favor.

Arklov Peak, Search and Destroy: After going down 4-2, Atlanta pull it out, ending Round 10 with a hilarious Simp assassination onto ZooMaa.

Florida Mutineers 3, Dallas Empire 1

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Owakening and Fero lead Florida to a 250-169 win.

Rammaza, Search and Destroy: The Mutineers' 6-1 win here is particularly impressive given Dallas' S&D strength.

Hackney Yard, Domination: Dallas narrowly manage to hold off the Mutineers in a 160-158 win.

Azhir Cave, Hardpoint: Florida Mutineers' hardpoint dominance continues with a strong late hold for the lead change and control of the spawn on the last hill.

Toronto Ultra 3, OpTic Gaming Los Angeles 0

Hackney Yard, Hardpoint: This is an absolutely insane pub-stomp by the Toronto Ultra.

Rammaza, Search and Destroy: This match is a little closer, but the Ultra definitely look like the more complete and better team.

Gun Runner, Domination: The Ultra start the second half with a 17-point advantage and hold off OpTic's triple-cap and A-B control for a 3-0 sweep.

London Royal Ravens 3, Paris Legion 1

Azhir Cave, Hardpoint: Dylan heats up in this 100-point hardpoint win.

St. Petrograd, Search and Destroy: Paris go up 4-0 in S&D before London take it back, forcing a Round 11 that Paris end up taking.

Hackney Yard, Domination: Despite A-B control from Paris in the second half, London manage to hold them off and go up 2-1.

Hackney Yard, Hardpoint: Another strong hardpoint win for the Royal Ravens, although Paris make this one a bit closer.

New York Subliners 3, Toronto Ultra 1

Rammaza, Hardpoint: After going down early, the Ultra get the lead change on bridge with some impressive plays from CleanX for a 50-point Toronto victory.

Rammaza, Search and Destroy: The last round comes down to a close Mettalz and ZooMaa 1v1, but the majority of this map belonged to Accuracy and the Subliners.

Gun Runner, Domination: Toronto get off to a strong start with A-B control in the first half, but good B-C control in the second gives the Subliners a late lead change and the win.

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Toronto make this close with several strong holds toward the end, but New York hold on to qualify for the bracket round.

Dallas Empire 3, London Royal Ravens 0

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Clayster and Crim lead the way in kills while Shotzzy gets two minutes of hill time for a 150-131 Dallas victory.

Arklov Peak, Search and Destroy: Skrapz's deleted tweet: "For everyone wondering where I went after round 1, you know just as much as I do."

Hackney Yard, Domination: Every time I see them play, it feels like I'm always saying something about a tough Royal Ravens loss, and yeah, this was another rough one.


Florida Mutineers 3, New York Subliners 2

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Mack soaks up 2:12 of hardpoint time to lead his team to a Map 1 victory.

Rammaza, Search and Destroy: After a slow start, Mack shines again at the end of this map and New York are one win away from a finals.

Hackney Yard, Domination: I feel like Florida often have closer hardpoints than most -- or maybe it's just the memory of their draw in Atlanta -- but they pull this one out to extend the series.

Rammaza, Hardpoint: The best teams can afford slow starts from key players, and here, Owakening starts off slow with Fero starting off hot, but by the end kills were pretty evenly distributed across all of the Mutineers.

Arklov Peak, Search and Destroy: Skyz and Florida make a statement S&D win en route to another finals.

Atlanta FaZe 3, Dallas Empire 2

Azhir Cave, Hardpoint: Atlanta start off strong with a fairly dominant hardpoint win.

Piccadilly, Search and Destroy: Clayster ends this close S&D match with a six-kill streak as Dallas tie up the series.

Gun Runner, Domination: Majormaniak goes huge with a 23-5 statline, and Atlanta go up 2-1.

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Dallas' break onto crates gives them the advantage, and although Atlanta controls spawns on the next two hills, Dallas break for the win.

Gun Runner, Search and Destroy: Atlanta FaZe are now 9-1 in Game 5s.

Florida Mutineers 3, Atlanta FaZe 0

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Florida remain the better team off-spawn with Skyz, Fero and Havok holding down the Hardpoint times.

Piccadilly, Search and Destroy: I never thought I'd say I liked watching Piccadilly S&D, but I think teams have figured out how to fast-push on offense better generally, so now it's much more of a fun watch, like this match that comes down to a Round 11 Mutineers win.

Hackney Yard, Domination: Florida get an early triple-cap and never look back as they take a record-breaking 235-70 domination win.