Fallout TV series to be developed by Amazon Studios


Amazon Studios and Fallout announced on Twitter Thursday that a Fallout television show is in the works. The brief promotional video featured the Prime Video logo and Fallout's signature graphics along with the Kilter Films and Bethesda Game Studios logos.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Westworld television series creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy will take the lead on this new Fallout show as part of their current Amazon deal under the Kilter Films banner. Bethesda Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks' Todd Howard and James Altman will also executive produce the show. The Fallout series will be an Amazon Prime original and will presumably be featured on their Prime Video streaming platform exclusively.

Originally created by Interplay Entertainment in 1997, Fallout is a series of action role-playing games that explores a post-apocalyptic future after a nuclear war. The series relies on anachronisms and a post-World War II aesthetic, particularly in the series' visual trapping and music. Nolan and Joy's popular Westworld deals with similar ideas of specific visual frameworks and dystopia.

Bethesda had previously expressed interest in a Fallout film as early as 2009.

The current Fallout television series project is still in its early development stages.