TimTheTatman has finally won a game of Fall Guys

Timthetatman is having a tough time in Fall Guys. Provided by Twitch/timthetatman

At long last, after his first game on August 11, Timothy John Betar, aka TimTheTatman, has finally won a game of Fall Guys.

After probably hundreds of games and a number of achingly close calls, Tim outlasted his competition on Hex-a-Gone, perhaps his most challenging level..

Here's the full chronicle.

Days since he started playing Fall Guys: 8

Number of wins for TimTheTatman: 1

A brief chronicle of TimTheTatman's experience in Fall Guys:

Even the Fall Guys Twitter account is roasting TimTheTatman.

On Wednesday, Tim looked like he was going to win ... but he couldn't quite manage it.

Then, just a few hours later, redemption.

Congratulations, Tim. What an epic saga.