Every Call of Duty League champs map in a sentence

The Dallas Empire were unstoppable in the Call of Duty League finals. Ben Pursell/Activision Blizzard

The inaugural season of the Call of Duty League is over. Four teams remained going into this weekend. On Sunday evening, the Dallas Empire were crowned as Call of Duty League champions, defeating the Atlanta FaZe 5-1.

Here's every map in a sentence from championship weekend.


Chicago Huntsmen 3, London Royal Ravens 1

Rammaza, Hardpoint: The Ravens end up with crucial breaks towards the end of the map to win a close Map 1.

Rammaza, Search and Destroy: Chicago break the streak of defense-only rounds in Round 8 and it ends up making the difference.

Gun Runner, Domination: The Huntsmen take over mid first-half with better B flag control and despite a short triple-cap from the Ravens in the second-half due to a Chicago overextension, the Huntsmen go up 2-1.

St. Petrograd, Hardpoint: This entire hardpoint is all Huntsmen and they advance to the losers' bracket finals.

Dallas Empire 3, Atlanta FaZe 2

Azhir Cave, Hardpoint: Significantly stronger breaks give the Empire a definitive lead that they nearly squander with a strong late push from Atlanta.

Gun Runner, Search and Destroy: Atlanta takes a close S&D map with more First Bloods despite Dallas fighting back in man disadvantages.

St. Petrograd, Domination: Even when FaZe win their early gunfights, Dallas end up holding the flags in the first half but FaZe overtake them in the second with stronger B flag control.

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: This comes down to the final rotation and despite kills going in favor of the FaZe, the Empire take the map.

Rammaza, Search and Destroy: The Empire get off to a 3-0 start and overwhelm FaZe in gunfights, even when FaZe have a numbers advantage.

Atlanta FaZe 3, Chicago Huntsmen 1

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Envoy brings out the RAM-7 on Gun Runner again and Chicago look significantly more comfortable on both breaks and rotations, winning handily.

Arklov Peak, Search and Destroy: This goes to Round 11 where FaZe go for another fast A-site plant and play it out well.

Gun Runner, Domination: This first half ends in a 79-79 draw but the FaZe heat up in the second half behind Simp and Abezy.

St. Petrograd, Hardpoint: Cellium comes up huge in the final rotations for Atlanta and they eliminate the Huntsmen, moving on to face Dallas on championship Sunday.


Dallas Empire 5, Atlanta FaZe 1

Azhir Cave, Hardpoint: Empire have a significantly better strategy going into Cave and make a statement Map 1 win on one of FaZe's best maps.

Gun Runner, Search and Destroy: Both teams trade rounds through Round 6 until Dallas gets two in a row off of a great Round 7 from Crim and Illey and then it's all Empire.

St. Petrograd, Domination: Dallas Empire take back the lead with about a minute to go and go up 3-0 over FaZe.

Gun Runner, Hardpoint: Abezy leads the charge mid-map for Atlanta to take control and finally take a map in this series.

Rammaza, Search and Destroy: Even with First Bloods and man advantages, Atlanta once again struggle to turn these into round wins and the Dallas Empire are crowned inaugural season champions.