Rainbow7 shock LGD Gaming in worlds play-ins

Photo via Riot Games

Latin American team Rainbow7 defeated China's LGD Gaming at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship in Shanghai on Saturday, stunning professional analysts and fans around the world.

It is the second loss to a non-major region team for LGD during the play-in stage of the event. On Friday, LGD lost to PSG Talon, one of the Pacific Championship Series teams that, due to visa issues with their jungler, mid laner and AD carry, have used three substitutes in their play-in matches on Friday and Saturday.

The Chinese team -- who many considered a favorite to win their play-in group prior to the event -- now sits at 0-2 and could be eliminated Sunday when they face V3 Esports and Unicorns of Love.

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The current frontrunner in Group B of the play-in stage is Talon, who play Unicorns of Love on Saturday. If they beat Unicorns of Love, they'll be in prime position to advance out in first place on Sunday with a win over V3 Esports and earn a spot in the group stage of the event, where the top 12 teams in the world await.