Riot announces 10 teams for the CBLoL franchises

Courtesy of Riot

Riot Games announced Friday the 10 organizations that will be present in the franchise system of the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLoL) 2021.

Cruzeiro, Falkol Prodigy, Flamengo Esports, FURIA, INTZ, KABuM!, LOUD, paiN Gaming, RED Canids and Rensga will be competing in Brazil's largest League of Legends championship circuit, the CBLoL.

LOUD and Cruzeiro are the two "rookie" teams, making their first appearance in the CBLoL.

LOUD was the most speculated and expected name before the announcement. The organization is one of the biggest in competitive Free Fire, and is also notable for its content and engagement on social media. LOUD's entry to League of Legends began since Bianca "Thaiga" Lula was hired as an influencer.

The other rookie squad, Cruzeiro, is expanding in esports.The original soccer club from Minas Gerais already competes in the competitive scenes of Free Fire and FIFA in partnership with E-Flix eSports.

Finally, the entry of Falkol Prodigy is notable due to the recent move made by Falkol and PRG to fill the vacancy for CBLoL as one.

The return of RED Canids, an old acquaintance of the community, is another highlight, as well as confirmation by Rensga, who was playing in the Challengers Circuit and gets good engagement on social media.

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CBLoL's 10 teams

Cruzeiro Esports

Cruzeiro Esports is one of the three new teams entering CBLoL for the franchise stage. With FIFA and Free Fire teams, LoL became the org's third esport. It is worth mentioning that the club's esports division is managed by E-Flix, a similar arrangement to Flamengo's partnership with Simplicity.

Falkol Prodigy

After the merger between Falkol and Prodigy, the intention to win the CBLoL vacancy was evident. Riot gave the project a green light and now Falkol Prodigy will be a CBLoL organization. Matheys "dyNquedo" Rossini and Francisco "fNb" Braz, current Prodigy players, were involved in a loan agreement with the option to sign after the loan.

Flamengo Esports

Even after an entire split of conflicts with Simplicity's CEO, Jed Kaplan, Flamengo Esports secured its place in CBLoL with the financial contribution of the foreign company. Flamengo's LoL team will now have the chance to avenge the soccer team, who lost to Cruzeiro in the Brazil Cup finals in 2017.

FURIA Esports

After uniting in late 2019 with the Uppercut organization to play for the first split of the following year, the team secured its place in the franchise era. Despite being popularly known for its CS:GO team, the organization wants to leave its mark in League of Legends, too.


The current champion of the CBLoL and Brazil's representative at the League of Legends World Championship, INTZ will be searching for its sixth championship.

KaBuM! Esports

Despite management problems in the past, in the case that became known in Brazil as "Caso Hostel," KaBuM! built itself as the second biggest champion of the CBLoL. The organization remains among the elites as it goes for a fifth championship.


A true phenomenon in the creation of content and one of the main Free Fire organizations, LOUD will be present as a CBLoL franchise. The move was evident after Thaiga, a League of Legends streamer, got signed to participate as an influencer. With 9.7 million subscribers on YouTube, the organization will participate in the CBLoL for the first time.

paiN Gaming

Marked in history as the first Brazilian team to participate at international championships, paiN arrives in the CBLoL after losing to INTZ in the latest split finals. Considered by many to be the best Brazilian team in the world, the org will fight for its third championship in the first split of 2021.

RED Canids

Yet another former CBLoL champion is back among the elite, after spending two years trying to qualify and missing out several times.


Perhaps the biggest surprise on the list, Rensga is known for its excellent community management and local investments in its homeland, Goiania. The construction of the Orbi Arena, a complex created for taking esports to other regions of the country, shows the org's strength. As far as the CBLoL is concerned, the team will be based in Sao Paulo, leaving its original home to seek new opportunities.

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