Who was the best dressed at the ESPYs?

Monday night the stars were out in their Sunday best, but who was the night's dapper dandy? Was it the man in black Stuart Scott, or was it the stunning Gabrielle Reese? Look at some of the candidates and vote for the best dressed. Click on the smaller photos to enlarge.

Stuart Scott
As for Stuart himself, he initially said he would be flaunting "baggy jeans and t-shirt that says AC/DC forever," but then changed his mind while talking to us. "I will be wearing a combination Gucci/Armani tux with a long coat, white shirt and a black long tie. I got it as an outfit in New York from a guy named Frank. I tell you it's going to look good, come on, what's my name? It'll look good.

Melissa Stark
Melissa, one of ESPN's roving reporters at the ESPYs, told us she is wearing a light blue Bill Blass dress with matching light blue Prada slippers -- and a $40,000 diamond on her neck. Wow! But don't expect to see her in that dress on the sidelines next year on Monday Night Football.

Robin Roberts
"I'm not really a fashion plate but it's not JC Penny," said Roberts. "Not that there is anything wrong with JC Penny. I am sad to say that I don't know the name of the designer. I have a stylist Frank in New York City who picked it out and it is fabulous. I went in for a fitting and it looks great. I'm in weight training right now to fit into the dress. So I am hitting the sauna right now. It will tear up my hair, but that's OK. I have to drop a few pounds to get into it but it is flat, off the shoulder and I just hope I don't trip. That will be a good ESPYs for me, if I don't trip on the way to the mike stand."

Suzy Kolber
Kolber was wearing a black dress by William Calvert. It was sporty and it had to be. She was all over the place as one of the main interviewers on the Red Carpet talking with all the big names as the celebrities arrived. She represents ESPN well.

Gabrielle Reese
Not only fabulously dressed, but in shape to boot. A pro beach volleyball player and a supermodel all wrapped into one. Nice package! But wouldn't it be hard to jump in the sand in those shoes? At least she'll stay cool in the sun.  HELP |  ADVERTISER INFO |  CONTACT US |  TOOLS |  SITE MAP
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