White uses slurs in video blog

Dana White, the volatile president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is under fire after an obscenity-filled video blog was released Wednesday in which he took aim at women and homosexuals.

White also unleashed a verbal tirade against a female reporter from Sherdog.com in the video blog, which was posted for a time on the UFC's Web site. It has since been pulled from the site.

The rant was centered around a Sherdog.com article which White believed incorrectly told of his group's credentialing policies for the agents and managers of fighters. He called the Sherdog.com writer, Loretta Hunt, a "dumb bitch" among expletives, and termed the report "an absolutely [expletive] retarded story."

In Hunt's story, she wrote that Zuffa, the company that owns and operates promotions for the UFC and WEC, notified some fighter representatives that they will no longer receive credentials to sit with their clients backstage on fight night.

White used an anti-gay slur when referring to an anonymous source in Hunt's story on Sherdog.com, which is a partner of ESPN.com in the coverage of Mixed Martial Arts.

"I stand by the story," Hunt said in an e-mailed statement to ESPN.com. "It's accurate. I contacted the UFC in ample time for them to respond, clearly stating what the article would be about. They did not reply. Then, I went out of my way to find people that could possibly present Zuffa's side, which is included in the article."

Groups such as the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) have called for White to apologize for the tirade. He has not done so, according to a spokesman for the UFC, though a post from GLAAD spokesman Ted Rybka indicated that White will apologize on the UFC's YouTube site.