Le Mans more fun to drive than F1 - Fernando Alonso


Fernando Alonso says Le Mans prototypes are more attractive to drive than modern F1 cars.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is taking place this weekend with several ex-F1 drivers on the grid as well as current Force India driver Nico Hulkenberg. Alonso has been a vocal critic of the current cars in Formula One and says LMP1 is not only more technologically advanced, but the cars are also capable of going flat out for the entire race.

"The cars are quite attractive from a driver's point of view because the technology there is the top," he said. "You drive within 0.3s [per lap] for two hours and three stints. Being able to drive the same car for two hours is something we have forgotten in Formula One for the last couple of years."

Alonso visited Le Mans last year but will not be able to attend this year's race.

"I enjoyed it a lot last year. The atmosphere seems more relaxed and more open to people. The event is huge, maybe it doesn't have the repercussions of a Formula One race, but it is bigger than any one Formula One race."