Radio Ga Ga: Kimi Raikkonen rants in Shanghai

Formula One race radio just wouldn't be the same without Kimi Raikkonen. The Finn was at his colourful and frustrated best at the Chinese Grand Prix as Ferrari's questionable strategy for the No.7 car dropped him out of podium contention.

ESPN rounds up the best of race radio from Shanghai, starting with the Iceman himself.

Raikkonen fumes

"What the hell is happening on the exit of Turn 12? I have no power if I don't push the [MGU-]K..."

Following the Red Bulls but struggling to get close enough to attempt a pass, Raikkonen suggests his engine is not deploying power in the right way.

"Do we really think the tyres are going to last until the end of the race? Because it doesn't feel like it..."

The first seeds of doubt are sewn as Raikkonen starts to question the logic of Ferrari asking him to stay out until the end of the race on old soft tyres.

"The front is f----- suffering quite a bit..."

And then....

"So where are we gonna finish.....? I HAVE NO FRONT END and there's 20 laps to go!"

Upset at the state of his tyres and aware the chequered flag is a long way away, Raikkonen pleads with Ferrari to make a change -- to no avail.

"We are almost three seconds slower, it's ridiculous... you think it's good to stay out? It's only going to get more worse, come on!"

Seemingly the message that changed Ferrari's minds, Raikkonen asks for a read out of lap times and then tells the pit wall his struggles are only going to get worse in the final laps. Raikkonen got his wish after this message but had dropped from third to sixth when he emerged from the pit-lane.

The supporting cast

"Remember to drink Fernando..."
"I don't need any f------ drinks! It's enough concentration to keep the car on the track, you know, forget the [censored] drinks!"

Fernando Alonso, another radio entertainer, angrily reacts to the reminder to use his water bottle as he concentrates on navigating the tricky conditions at the start of the grand prix.

"OK Fernando, for reference Sainz is quickest on track..."
"I'm quickest on track through the corners!"

In what was almost certainly a veiled message to Honda, Alonso proclaims he and McLaren's MCL32 are unmatched through Shanghai's corners -- hinting at a significant power deficit down the straights.

"We still have potential for P4 here Nico... erm, Valtteri, so keep pushing!"

Tony Ross -- the long-serving race engineer for retired world champion Nico Rosberg -- shows that old habits die hard while instructing new colleague Valtteri Bottas on his strategy late in the race.

"Sometimes it's worth taking a risk, ah? [Laughs] Great one..."

Carlos Sainz, probably feeling like the smuggest man in Asia, crosses the line in sixth to vindicate his bold decision to start the race on slicks when all 19 of his rivals played safe with intermediates.

"Get in there Lewis! Absolute masterclass..."

Pete Bonnington congratulates Lewis Hamilton for his fifth victory at his Chinese Grand Prix, one he led from start to finish.