Perez nearly hit marshals at Monaco GP

MONTE CARLO, Monaco -- Sergio Perez has posted a video to social media showing the terrifying moment he nearly drove into two marshals during the Monaco Grand Prix.

Perez was exiting the pits early in the race, during a period the race was running under a Safety Car, when he saw two track workers cleaning out debris in front of him. The Mexican was able to take evasive action to avoid an incident from taking place.

Shortly after the incident happened Perez said on the radio: "What is wrong with that marshal! I nearly killed him!"

He tweeted a short clip after the race, showing how close it had been to disaster.

"During the Safety Car I had a marshal nearly run into me," Perez said after the race. "I nearly ran over two marshals.

"That was really bad. They were just running back and I was coming out of the pits. I had to brake and they were very lucky that I avoided them."

"They're normally very good. It's obviously safety, at the end of the day it's most important the safety for the marshals and drivers."