Ferrari: We can win again in 2019

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has dismissed suggestions his team will be unable to add to the victories claimed in Belgium and Italy.

Ferrari capitalised on its outright engine advantage to win the high-speed races at Spa-Francorchamps at Monza. Charles Leclerc claimed victory on both occasions, with the latter being Ferrari's first Italian Grand Prix victory since 2010.

The Italian team had failed to win in 2019 until those two races despite glimpses of competitive pace, which highlighted issues with the design of its current car. Binotto is convinced the remaining races offer more opportunities for victory.

"We knew that these ones were tracks where we may have been competitive," Binotto said. "It was not a given, but certainly being power sensitive and having long straights it was important for us.

"It's important for us not to miss any other opportunities as we missed in the first part of the season, and the fact that we capitalised on the strengths of our car in these two races makes us very happy."

On circuits where a high-downforce setup is required, Ferrari has consistently struggled this year, whereas circuits that feature high-speed corners and long straights have been its forte.

With the focus now switching back to the strength of aerodynamic packages at the tight and twisty Singapore Grand Prix street circuit, Red Bull looks the most likely candidate to take the fight to Mercedes. Binotto sees the upcoming slate of races as a good opportunity for Ferrari to focus on the weaker aspects of its current race package.

"What will be for the next races? I think it can be as good as the first part of the season.

"There will be races as it has been in Germany, as it has been in Canada, Bahrain, where maybe we can still be competitive, and races where the weaknesses of our car will not give us the possibilities to go for the win.

"But it's difficult to guess which one. It's important for us to continue to develop the car, continue to understand it, try to have the best balance, and give our drivers the best opportunities whenever they come.

"There are tracks like the next one where maybe the engine is not so important."

On what the team might introduce for Singapore, he said: "We are working certainly back in Maranello to add some downforce. Maybe a few bits will be there."