Ricciardo reveals equality message on 2021 race helmet

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Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff explains why Lewis Hamilton wasn't offered a deal longer than a year. (0:47)

Daniel Ricciardo has revealed his 2021 race helmet design, featuring a pro-equality message of "all good, all ways" on the top.

Since leaving the Red Bull programme at the end of 2018 Ricciardo has not had to carry the company's branding on his race helmet and has been able to have total freedom on the design.

For 2021, his debut season with McLaren, he has continued his trend of thinking outside the box, linking up with Australian designer Ornamental Conifer for the second year in a row.

Ricciardo said the message is one of positivity and equality.

"The theme of it this year was 'all good, all ways'," he explained on an Instagram video.

"Two-fold really. It's always going to be alright, the sun will shine, you may have your ups and downs but it's trying to be positive with anything you do.

"The second part is, no matter where you come from, what walk of life, race, religion, whichever.... 'all good, all ways', everyone's cool, we're accepting, everybody love everybody.

"I'm stoked with it."

In 2019, he ran a pink, green and blue featuring the message "Stop being them".

In 2020,he ran with a leopard print helmet which featured his race number - 3 - in a 3D effect.