Turkish GP replaces cancelled Singapore GP in October

The Turkish Grand Prix has been re-added to the 2021 F1 calendar as the replacement of the cancelled Singapore Grand Prix on Oct. 3.

Turkey's F1 race returned to the schedule in 2020 to fill gaps caused by the pandemic and was originally slated to replace the 2021 Canadian Grand Prix when that was cancelled earlier in the year.

However, international travel restrictions at the time meant Turkey was soon removed from that slot as well. Istanbul race organisers requested the race be re-added to the calendar later in the year if there was an opening.

Singapore's cancellation has created that opportunity.

F1 is confident the international travel rules will have been relaxed by the time Turkey's new event slot comes around.

An F1 statement said: "After discussions with other promoters we are confident that we will be able to travel to the following race under our strict safety protocols.

"The Formula 1 community will continue to travel this season with stringent safety measures that has allowed us to travel safely this season. So far this season we have conducted over 44,000 tests with 27, positive cases a rate of 0.06%, with most coming during the earlier part of the season.

"Alongside this a significant proportion of the F1 community has been vaccinated already and we are confident that all will have had the opportunity to do so by the end of the summer. We will continue to operate in a way that protects the safety of our personnel and the communities we visit."

As it stands, Turkey is the middle race of a triple header.

September 26 - Russian GP, Sochi

October 3 - Turkish GP, Istanbul

October 10 - Japanese GP, Suzuka

F1 is still confident the Japanese Grand Prix will go ahead. The Suzuka event will take place several months after Japan hosts the Olympics.