Max Verstappen shuts down 'ridiculous' question on future Lewis Hamilton battles

Max Verstappen is fed up of talking about future wheel-to-wheel battles with Lewis Hamilton and made his feelings on the matter clear after qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The build-up to the race has been dominated by the pair's collision at the British Grand Prix and the war of words which followed.

Verstappen and Hamilton, who are separated by just seven points in the battle for the world championship, spent much of Thursday's media day answering questions on the subject.

Red Bull also had an appeal into Hamilton's 10-second Silverstone penalty, which the team felt was too lenient, rejected by the FIA.

After Hamilton claimed pole position and Verstappen finished third in qualifying, F1's press conference host Tom Clarkson started another on the subject.

Clarkson said: "There's been a lot of talk about what happened on the opening lap at Silverstone, but if you two do end up wheel to wheel after the start tomorrow..."

At this point, Verstappen sighed, shook his head and interrupted.

"Can we already stop about this? Because we have had so many f------questions about this," Verstappen said in response.

"It's just ridiculous. The whole Thursday we have been answering this stupid shit all the time, so can we just stop please?

"We are racers, so of course we will race hard but fair. We just keep pushing each other."

Hamilton then declined to answer the question.

The lingering fallout from Silverstone was clear to see after qualifying, with Hamilton receiving boos from a large contingent of Dutch fans in the main grandstand opposite the pit-lane.

However, the seven-time world champion said that these will simply inspire him to do even better in future.

The Hungarian Grand Prix is live on ESPN at 8.55AM (ET) on Sunday.